A Modern Touch

We mentioned last week that we had an email for a daily driver and we wanted to know if there were anymore examples out there used for a daily ride basis. It looks like there is more than just one of them out there. An email from Bob Frantzen who tells us; “I have a 1967 Mustang coupe that I have had since 1981. Hope you don’t mind my friend posing for a quick shot.” How could we refuse?

We are liking this section, but we can’t deny that it’s been a slow response so far, perhaps we were right and these beautiful classic Mustangs are only out when the sun shines? We were expecting this to be a sparse section to be honest, so why not prove us wrong and send us your pics!

Customer Cars:

It’s a known fact that our resident man bear likes a little “RestoMod” when he is let loose on a project. Recently we had a customers car in that has the classic rust spots on the rear quarters that needed sorting out, and that means Yogi dusted of his paint gun. He also made a little interior update too which was simple enough, but the care taken makes all the difference.

The old rust was rubbed down to see just how far the metal worm had gotten.

The old rusty metal was cut away and new metal fabricated in its place.

With a little sanding and that little bit of magic that happens in the Yogi cave, we have the repaired sections that will last for a good few years to come.

After the outside was repaired the interior got the modern touch with the USB power supplies. These sockets are now becoming more the norm as the cigarette lighter adaptors are dying away in favour of the much neater USB sockets. The result is subtle and it certainly doesn’t ruin the interior stock look.

The underhood was asked for a little tidy up and we obliged with a re-wrap of some wiring and the difference again is subtle, and if you can see the work – then we have done it properly as it looks stock.

’69 Mach1

Jaqui’s Mach1 has been worked on and the aircon has been fitted to the engine. Not sure it will be used any time soon as it’s the middle of winter here! But the engine is taking shape and ready for the initial stock settings tune up.

The sun visors now are in and the rest of the engine hardware fittings in place.


With the basics now done we have a rolling restoration. Not long now for the completion and then its the fine tuning and adjustments before we let Jacqui and Roy have her back.

The Onion Mustang:

We have been waiting for a slot to start on the “Onion” again. The floor pans and the rear chassis legs were mounted on the jig and measured out from the original dimensions we had taken and marked points on the jig. Some tack welds made and more measuring with more parts added to make sure the built up layers will fit together again. Once we were happy then the full neat welds were made so the floor pan and chassis could be removed from the jig and carefully rested on the floor. The underside was worked on to rub down the welds and seam seal the joints and finished with our red lead paint.

Special message:

We finish the post this week with all of us at Mustang Maniac to wish our good friend Jacqui S. a speedy recovery as she has recently been taken poorly.

Get well soon Jacqui. 

A Little Change

Most of this week has been around small changes here and there, but they all make a difference. Like all these things a small change can lead on to other bigger changes. Some you are expecting, others you don’t. A varied week for us with everything from getting a paint brush out, to gassing cars and we don’t mean with gasoline! We tend to do that quite a lot with the cars already believe it or not. 🙂

Customers Cars

The first job was a change to some Aircon gas, we do this for our own LAR and SMR trucks not so much on cars. This nice Oldsmobile was booked into us for a little work and we were asked about the aircon. Normally we would decline for older cars, but as this car had been converted to a modern system so it was a simple job. A little early for a chilly cooling system though?

Next up we were asked to replace some HT leads, exhaust system and a carb. OK, not so much little job the exhaust, but we could see why they wanted them changed as they were a little weathered and dented in places.

The fuel and brake lines will also be replaced  as they are not what we call safe, but we will be much happier when they will be replaced away from the hot exhausts and secured properly.

With the exhausts off and out-of-the-way we will be replacing the gear box to take an AOD version. The OverDrive makes a big difference for cruising and fuel consumption.

The top side of the car was the place we started to make sure the engine was OK first. We were asked to swap the HT leads for a nice performance set and a bigger Holley carburetor, and air intake.

’70 Fastback

The smaller panels returned back from shot blasting towards the end of the week and will be treated before being bolted and welded back into place. The rear axle has seen some factory style painting going on. The axle stands doing exatly what they were designed to do, but without the car bolted to the axle that is.

As soon as a car sees a little paint it looks so different and all of a sudden the car is moving on.

Paul the Paint’s  ’71 Mach1

We have moved onto to creating the new arches on the car where we managed to save the old metal which we were quite pleased about considering the amount of rust that was here previously. The Yogi polished his claws and showed of his fabrication skills again.

Then the outer side welding up and grinding back to get ready for the filler.


Last week we posted our model and asked for some details and we have been sent a picture of what it should look like. It seems as though somebody has had our engine too.

These are vintage 1/12 scale AMF Wen Mac Mustang GT’s that were offered exclusively through Ford dealerships in 1966 and 1967. The 1966 came as a poppy red 4-speed GT coupe and the 1967 came as a blue automatic GT 2+2. There was also a gas, (Cox style) engine option offered by Wen Mac, which could be purchased in 1967 for $2.50! The gas-powered ones are very rare!

Models from Ford; A History Lesson

Continuing on the ‘model’ theme, back in the late fifties/early sixties, when Ford of Britain wanted to introduce a new model, they had to gain approval from Henry Ford 2 and the Ford board in Detroit. Henry Ford insisted on seeing ‘actual prototypes’ or ‘detailed models’ rather than simple drawings or design visuals. Without today’s modern CAD or virtual reality images sent via the Internet, Henry either had to come to Europe or models needed to be created, packaged up and sent on the company plane to Detroit for his review prior to him approving the significant funds to put the car into production. Ford had a team of highly skilled ‘model makers’ who would produce detailed models of every proposed new car or commercial vehicle – down to the last detail, and also make padded/fitted travel cases for each model in mahogany with brass fittings enabling the valuable models to be transported safely. All the models were hand-made in a mix of metal, plastic, chromed brass and glass. Each was an ‘exact copy’ of the full-sized vehicle and only one was built with the significant cost of each model being no object. The final models to be used for programme approval were the Mk1 Escort and Mk3/4 Zephyr Zodiac introduced in the late 60s. Consider this…the historical Ford Escort was approved for production by Henry Ford 2 using the model shown …. here is where it all started!

Over the passing years, these models seemed to ‘disappear’ until a few years ago, a number of specially made travel cases were ‘found’ covered in dust in a corner of one of Ford’s storage sites. Each case was cleaned and carefully unpacked to reveal these rare design models – still in perfect condition. Needless to say, they are now kept securely in the Ford Motor Company archive facility, not only are they extremely valuable but one offers a real look back in time. If one didn’t know they were models each could be mistaken for a real full size car!

Thanks To Gary for the details.

Not to be outdone with all the talk of rare Mustangs, Adam decided that he was going to buy another Shelby Mustang!


Last but not least, some of our orders have had a little free gift with them. Nothing spectaular, but we are pleased with them. Our new corporate pens that have a very fine writing tip and a smart rubber tip for navigating around smart phones and tablets. If you are around in the offices ask for a pen if you want one. Limited stocks so be quick, not many left in the boxes now.


Route 66 – parts 9 & 10

Another double post as we are having a two night stop over shortly. But first we have a little funny story where the my sense of humour is totally lost on a very nice unsuspecting young waitress. Now there is the old Tomato or Tomato(e) differences as the song goes, but this was UK slang term I made into an innuendo. We popped into a wonderful restaurant where they make their own delicious wine, which we bought a few bottles of and we also wanted a bite to eat.

The poor waitress came up to me and asked if I wanted a “nosh”, to which I replied “Of course, but the wife is sitting here next to me”. Needless to say that the waitress looked at me very blank and wondered what the heck I was on about. Lynn just shook her head and apologised on my behalf. The term “nosh” in the UK has two meanings, the first is a term for a bite to eat obviously the same as the USA, the second definition is a slang term for… well, I will let you look it up if you really want to know. I am still getting it in the neck from my lovely wife, sometimes I should engage brain before I speak. The excuse was that I was relaxed enjoying the atmosphere and I sort of forgot where I was for a while. We did make sure the waitress got a proper tip and she was absolutely lovely, she did think that I was a complete head case, but she put up with me. Moving swiftly along…..(Route 66).

We got back onto the road heading through New Mexico to Albuquerque where the desert and road merge into one on the horizon. The ford Explorer air conditioning was now getting a good hiding in the deserts to keep us comfortable.

Where stopped to stretch our legs to visit a free museum with a diner attached to it that was just crammed full of interesting stuff and cars.

Next Day: 

We were now travelling towards Flagstaff and found an unusual place called the Wigwam Motel. Not real wigwams mind you, but they do look pretty good though.

The main goal for today was to travel the worlds biggest meteor crater which is just an incredible sight with spectacular views. You are basically in a desert and looking at the mountains in the distance which have snow on them, below you there is a 550ft deep hole.

The Meteor Crater is the world’s best preserved meteorite impact site on Earth. Located just minutes from Interstate 40 in Northern Arizona near Winslow, Meteor Crater is the breath-taking result of a collision between an asteroid traveling 26,000 miles per hour and planet Earth approximately 50,000 years ago. The Meteor Crater is nearly one mile across, 2.4 miles in circumference and more than 550 feet deep. It is an international tourist venue with outdoor observation trails, air-conditioned indoor viewing, wide-screen movie theater, Interactive Discovery Center, unique gift and rock shop, and Astronaut Memorial Park at the Visitor Center all located on the crater rim.






After we spent many hours here just taking in the sights we got back on the road and looked towards our next stop where we plan to stay for a couple of nights.


We do have to comment on one thing though, such a beautiful place for incredible scenery and we see this sign slapped in the middle of views.


We forgot to upload these couple of pics from the previous post, Caddy Ranch, not sure you want to see more pics of me, but here you are anyway.