Our Crown

With all the royal coronation all but over and done with in the UK, we had a slightly quieter day in the offices on Saturday. This gave Adam a chance to get out some new stock blocking up the waiting area of the offices. He hadn’t had time to update the stock on the WebShop stock lists when they came in, but should now be up to date as you read this. We also had a few emails this week after we mentioned that we have some sheet metal, as we said before – yes we do have a stock. However the sheet metal is for our select trade members, our customer car projects or our own projects. We have to thank a customer we shall call Adrian, for his kind offer to swap his kidney in exchange for a 67 front fender. We did decline, as we think he would need it for a stiff drink after he finds out the cost of one now days compared to pre Covid prices!

Customer Cars

A customer wanted a replacement engine for his ’65 Tribute. This engine is “warmed up a bit” as Adam described it, and we don’t mean by temperature. The heads are made by AFR along with a couple of ‘other bits’ too.

He will certainly notice the difference that’s for sure. Like all our rebuilt engines we gently run them in, checking temps and some timing for stability. All on our engine test bench, although it’s not a bench exactly more of a movable rig.

Clutch Adjustment

A couple of weeks ago we posted about a clutch judder issue that we were going to have a look at. We found that a dowl had been missing and an element of play had crept in. A replacement set of dowls we have could have been taken straight off the shelf, but we needed something else.

We have these dowl pins which have an 0.007″ offset which are adjusted by an Allen key. These pins are a must for easier alignment when installing the bellhousing on your engine block. They contribute to fewer shifter problems and maximum life for your bearings and transmission. They can be found here, or if you have bigger issues the 0.014″ pins here.

They did what we expected and hugely helped the clutch issue. The conclusion in this case is that 0.007 of an inch is important and size does does matter for offset.

Our Cars

At the same time the customer’s 302 was being rebuilt we had one of our own 302s being restored at the same time, both were delivered back to us at the same time. So while the customer’s engine was being being run in and checked, we prepped our own for the same process. Again we broke the engine in with an hour or so monitored running in on our test rig. We know our engine looks a mess with old valve covers and our old test shorty headers etc, Once we want to use it, we will then paint it and add all the nice bits back on it, or maybe what a customer wants. For now though, it’s off to storage in our Aladdin’s cave of engines.


During the week we had a customer pop into the offices for an order pick for the first time. The customer had seen our WebShop service obviously, but didn’t expect to see the extent of our stock as Adam and the customer went of to get the bits from the yard storage areas. As Adam prepared his bill, the customer was having a cup of tea and chat where he said, “you need to call yourselves WebSupermarket not a WebShop”. He spent more than he expected too with us, which is always a risk when you see just what we have on the shelf(s). He walked out with a big smile on his face and large box of parts.

New in stock is the ‘Enos range’ of starter motors from Wai which can be found here. They are currently on special offer with the best part of £55 off, grab one before Adam changes his mind!

We have some direct replacement lightweight aluminium four pot calipers for 64 – 67. If you have an aftermarket drum conversion, or 68 – 73 single pot calipers they should fit too. Please check before you buy, or drop us an email with a picture of your brakes and year, we should be able to advise you on compatibility.

Our Holley Sniper carbs and K&N filters now need their own spaces. Along with the standard classic filters, we now also stock K&N for 1994 to 2014 cars too.

Speaking of our new King Charles III coronation, we like to think of ourselves as the the King of Mustang Parts in the UK.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

(Our Stay Safe & Take Care message this week is a special golden crown colour!)

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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