All Fired Up

This week we’ve had a customer ask us if we could customise some parts for them to be a little different but also be practical. The results we got back from our platers were impressive (as always) and now we have started to stock them as standard. How many parts suppliers will do that for their customers? We are open to suggestions and if it’s viable for customers the chances are we could end up stocking the item too.

Customer Cars

Holley Sniper EFI

The 460ci has now had the Sniper kit fully installed, wired up and fired up. The team completed the install and had a turn key fire up.

The whole system has intelligent learning which adapts to your particular style of driving. However, the initial timings have to be setup to be within tolerances of what the EFI system can adjust. There is a wiring loom to be integrated, so you need to read the manual carefully if you are going to self install this kit. Once you have fired up the engine the little control screen which is inside the car will adjust all sorts of things, timing, dwell, idle, air fuel mixtures etc. In fact the settings can be adjusted by 0.1deg for the timing, it’s that accurate. Lance took the car for a spin and noted there was “some refinements that could be made on the first run”. He pulled over in a quiet spot, changed a couple of bits and repeated the high speed pull again, within speed limits of course. The small adjustment made all the difference to how he wanted the car to behave. To quote, “I knew it was going to be good, but I didn’t realise just how good, in fact I don’t have to get out the car to adjust anything now. The only down side is that I have had to learn a lot about engine settings to make sense of what I might be adjusting”.

If you want a classic ’64 – ’93 Mustang with modern technology, click here for the link.

Clutch Issue

This little lady has just come back from South Africa after some time trial events. The problem was noted that there was a little bit of clutch judder. The only was to check it out properly is to drop the gearbox out (not literally), and have a look to see what is going on. From the initial inspection all looks acceptable with the clutch, pressure plate etc. Things were a little grubby on the first look round by eye.

The gearbox feels and looks OK, but just needs a little Mustang Maniac loving considering the mileage and use this car gets, its not surprising. So we will clean up, measure up to see exactly what we got to work with. It could be a case of the clutch just needs some adjustments, nothing we haven’t seen before or we can’t fix.

We checked the bearing which will be a replacement before we check anything else, we have seen worse of course, but this one doesn’t sound the best.


From our opening paragraph a good customer of ours had asked for one of our exhaust hanger kits to be zinc plated. We agreed and the results are amazing, but it’s a shame they won’t be seen by most people. Not only does it look great but also has the anti-corrosion properties as well.

The standard kits can be bought here.

Seat Extenders

Our very own design seat extenders have sold well but could they be improved? While we were having the exhaust hangers plated, we thought about getting a set of our seat extenders done at the same time. We liked them so much we are keeping them zinc plated. Again an ideal base to paint them your own colour if you wanted to match the carpet of your car.

You can pick up set of these popular seat extenders here.


DEARBORN, Michigan April 13, 2023 – Ford Performance unveiled the continued evolution of its electric-powered motorsports efforts with the Mustang Super Cobra Jet 1800, an aggressive revision to the NHRA world record-holding Mustang Cobra Jet 1400. It is targeted to best the Cobra Jet 1400’s standing world record for full-bodied electric vehicles in the quarter-mile, 8.128 seconds at 171.97 miles per hour.

In June of 2021, Bob Tasca III drove the Cobra Jet 1400 to its reigning time in Norwalk, Ohio. The vehicle, originally built as a collaborative effort between Ford Performance, MLe Racecars, AEM-EV, Cascadia Motion and Watson Engineering, was then ready for its next challenge.

The Ford Performance led team went back to the drawing board and poured their effort into revisions and upgrades to the chassis, powertrain and control systems. To match this work, Ford Performance brought back the famed Super Cobra Jet name, first offered on 1969 model year Mustangs as an improvement to the standard Cobra Jet package.

“We’re always looking to push ourselves in every corner of the motorsport world,” said Mark Rushbrook, global director, Ford Performance Motorsports. “Drag racing remains a key proving ground for our products and technology, and we’re excited to not only try to best our own record in the quarter-mile, but to further showcase ongoing development we continue to make across the entire electric vehicle landscape.”

The Super Cobra Jet 1800 utilizes the same four PN-250-DZR inverters coupled to two double-stacked DS-250-115 motor pairings as before, but now attached to a new transmission from Liberty and powered by an entirely redone, lighter weight battery system designed by Ford Performance and MLe Racecars. The power is sent to an MLe Racecars-revised rear end featuring improved suspension geometry from PMR and larger Mickey Thompson drag radials to optimize launches.

The entire dance is managed by Ford Performance proprietary control software running on AEM-EV hardware, with a new data acquisition system, dash and power distribution system all designed in-house.

“Our changes have made significant improvements to the car, including removing hundreds of pounds in weight and increasing horsepower to 1800,” explained Rushbrook.

On top of going for a new full-bodied electric vehicle record, the Super Cobra Jet 1800 will also attempt to claim records for fastest electric vehicle 0-60 mph and fastest two-wheel drive electric vehicle 0-60 during an NHRA event later this season. MLe Racecar’s cofounder and official program test driver Pat McCue is planned to be in the driver’s seat.


Who says electric cars can’t be fun?

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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  1. Simon says:

    Goodness guys! GREAT combination of useful and thought provoking thanks!

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  2. Jennie Burrell says:

    An interesting article, ‘tho I can’t pretend I’m a great fan of electric cars !
    However, my connection (albeit very small), is that my ’05 GT500 was brought over from The States for Andy Carter, a very well known name in the drag racing world !

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