Cutting Corners

We see plenty of ‘mods’ on Mustangs some good and some not so good should we say? Mainly because the customization is; a) they are easy to do and personalize and performance of your car, b) unfortunately it’s to cut corners. A good example of cutting corners are the following examples after the nice Park & Pic, and it’s something we seriously don’t recommend as common sense prevails, we hope.

Park & Pic

This nice little 1973 351ci convertible owned by Jeremy came into us for a to do list of little niggles. Nothing major, just the Mustang Maniac once over, adjustments and once over.

Customer Cars

Transmission lines

We had a car in recently that the owner wanted to have the transmission line replaced. Not a request we get that often to be honest. But, when we swap out transmissions we like to change them for new ones where the budget allows. Yogi got this car up ready to undo the lines and what he was met with caused him to down spanners and make a cup of tea. The transmission lines were made of rubber for large sections.

There are a couple of points here, there has been multiple leak points introduced and the rubber will perish eventually leaving you stranded when the transmission fluid gets dumped all over the road. Attaching jubilee clips to a rubber pipe which is under pressure in order to stop leaks will need to be tight. If you over tighten you will cause the pipes to crush or weaken the rubber, the fluid then can’t be cooled properly thus a potential to cause more gearbox issues. Not being tight enough it will leak and slowly dump transmission fluid where it stands or over a period of time.

These metal sections of pipes were hand made and they were not in their correct route. On top of that they were cable tied to other lines. Having metal in the open will also aid in cooling as the air rushes over the pipes going along, rubber will insulate the fluid. The rubber section of pipes are also dragging on metal work which again will weaken the rubber eventually leaving you stranded with no transmission.

So the best place for this mod? We seriously don’t recommend that you do it.

More cutting corners

Another 351ci mod. for this we can’t see any reason for it. The part is only a few pound/dollars which will just screw in. this part has been manufactured to fit in place and is made of a soft copper pipe. Again to jubilee clip the pipes to it could cause the pipe to crush as copper is known to be a soft metal.

LED Upgrade

A very popular upgrade for our customers are the LED upgrades we offer. These will allow your turn indicators to be used as white side lights and then amber for turning. The main headlights were swapped out with the with addition of a couple of relays and our wire loom wrap to give that much sought after OEM look.

The side lights are subtle and really make a nice difference to not have the amber lenses on the front valance.

The colours don’t show up so well on the video, but you can certainly see the difference.

For a list of the various options on the WebShop click here or follow this link.

If you would like us to do some mods or upgrades to your car, send us an email and will give you a quote.

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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  1. That is just insane, it must have taken longer to fabricate the copper pipe than just use the correct elbow. I just love my LED lights. The best thing and so subtle too.

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