The Heart Goes In

This week sees more intense work on The Onion Mustang, Yogi has been doing his thing with the brake and fuel lines before the engine and gearbox are fitted and get in the way.

The suspension has been fully installed with the new brake lines connected to the brakes in all four corners and then bled fully.

There is an electrical fuel pump going to be used on this engine as the carb requires it, we won’t give that bit away just yet though. 🙂

The Engine was craned over to the car and lowered into place.

Paul, Mark & Yogi maneuvered the engine into place to sit on the engine mounts, the car was then raised up so that bolts could be threaded into place.

The engine bay started to rapidly take shake with the export brace and the radiator going in.

The fender splash guards and hood reattached completed front end for a while. Now that the engine was in place the gearbox was bolted to the back of the engine.

With the car able to sit on her own boots, the first steps for the steering have also been taken.

Yogi got a grip on the handles (see what I did there?). Nice new ones attached to the doors certainly give the car a little character.

We hope to continue with the onion this week, maybe squeeze the odd little job in for a break now and then. All of a sudden The Onion starts to really look the part.

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4 Responses to The Heart Goes In

  1. I can’t believe it has come on so much in the space of a week.

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  2. Boris says:

    After looking at this latest blog on ‘The Onion’, I just have a few simple words………amazing, beautiful, quality, skill….and a few more…..envy, desire……great, job,…..enough said!

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