Las Vegas – SEMA 2016 Day 2 (Part 1 of 2)

Wednesday 2nd November 2016. We got up early for something to eat, the sun was already out so this was going to be another lovely day in Las Vegas. For the second day of the show was going to be a little different. We wanted to do another hall of cars & trucks and finish a bit earlier ready for the second part of the day Adam had planned for us. We will cover that little adventure in the next post.

On arrival it was already busy, finding a place to park is a mission in its own right, seems as though people were starting to catch on to our secret little place.

The hall was packed out again so we decided to work logically up one walkway and down the next until we had seen the whole area. We start with more cars and trucks.

There was some pretty cool accessories on show and made some interesting pics. You found a “small upgrade” to add to his engine, some monstrous supercharger or two!


We worked our way outside to some more displays and the sounds of cars being thrashed around an arena.

The cars being thrown around the track were a couple of Mustangs going for it side by side.

Now for most Mustang lovers there is a special car which is owned by Ken Block. Of course we are referring to the Hoonigan. This reincarnation now has twin super chargers boasting a massive 1400bhp! Needless to say we are dedicating a little section to that car here. Hopefully we have it covered from every angle. It’s not often you get up close to such a car.



Now for the popular part gathering from emails tells us; the lovely SEMA promotion ladies.

Mart managed to get a pic taken with some of the models.

On the way back to the car we grabbed a few last pics from SEMA day two.

The next Part 2 post has nothing to do with cars or trucks. But it managed to make every one of us produce a huge smile for the hour or so we were there.

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