Las Vegas – SEMA 2016 Day 2 (Part 2 of 2)

Wednesday 2nd November 2016. After we had seen what we needed to see from the second day of the SEMA show, we were driven to a surprise location that Adam had in store for us; “The Gun Store”. Not knowing quite what to expect, but we soon found out. Before we start, we are aware that some people can take offence to guns, we would like to repeat something that was told to us “Guns don’t kill, the people holding them do.” Without being drawn into a for or against debate for gun control, we were going for some tuition in a controlled environment where nobody gets hurt, except for the paper target bad guys. It didn’t make us want to buy guns, it was another secret item on the bucket list we didn’t know we had. The walls of the store are covered in guns of all sorts’ of shapes, calibre, size and styles. We walked to a room where we could pick our weapons to shoot or choose a package. While we were waiting for a range to become free we were asked to choose four targets for the weapons we wanted to fire. From the large selection we could have standard targets, military personal, bad guys, aliens and mixtures. We had some slight variations between us, but that was all down to personal preference. Five of us were going to be shooting, four of us picked the package option – “Zombie”. Yogi went different with the “Coalition”. We picked our safety googles and ear defenders before we were even allowed near the shooting ranges. We were led to a room where our dedicated trainer/supervisor introduced himself. We listened to the important safety procedures and protocols. Those of us on the Zombie package started off with the hand gun a XDM9 firing at our respective targets. At the end of each weapon discharge the targets were given back to you to keep or throw away. We had to have the obligatory photos of our attempts to take down the bad guys! Adam was up first, Jason, Gary, Mart and followed by Yogi. Yogi’s weapons were M249 S.A.W, M4, Rem.700 and a M9.

We started with the hand gun.

Confidence was growing as was the silly grins creeping over our faces, just for being able to shoot such well-known weapons. After the hand gun it was time for the semi automatic assault rifle AR15 with our next up targets.

The shotgun was pump-action firing solid slugs rather than shot cartridges. Such a cool sound having to exit the shell and load the next one. The muzzle flash shots are not photo shopped and are the real deal.




Yogi decided that the front stand wasn’t bad enough, so he held it to his shoulder. Bad to the Bone!

The final shoots for most of use were going to be the full auto Glock carbine.

Jason with some great action shots with the rounds being ejected from the Glock. It gives you a rough idea how quick these guns fire, with six spent cartridge cases in the air from a short burst!

Yogi was firing the Rem. 700 via the stand.

After we had all fired our rounds and was left panting for more we were taken out the side and through the shop itself. If you wanted it – you could buy it.

Such a huge buzz from “The Gun Shop”, they were very professional and such a nice bunch of guys, and that made the afternoon so much more enjoyable. As we had paid for a package we were all given a T-shirt with their logo on the front to take home with us, a nice memento to add to the ever growing t-shirt collections. We left as it was getting dusk to go into the new town strip for something to eat and a beer or three to take in the busy day.

What could top a day like that? Well we certainly managed it. SEMA day 3 pt.1, will see the next hall we worked our way around. Part 2 will be something quite special when moving around in the social circles of Mustang Maniac. All will be revealed soon.

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  1. Such an amazing experience. Slowmo’s came out real well too. 🙂

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