Important Imports

We didn’t get a chance to post last weekend as we have been so busy, not that we are complaining of course, but it has been all hands to the spanners. So we are going to give you a double update this week, just to make up for it; News, cars, car shows and WebShop. Hope your broad band or data is able to cope with the double bubble we have for you.


We have some very exciting news that we have kept quiet until we were one hundred percent happy with our product testing. We have been asked by many customers to get certain carburetors, but we couldn’t get the quality and performance we wanted. However that has all changed, we have sourced our very own supply of replacement carburetors that a) are extremely difficult to get originals, and b) they work right out of the box. What we are talking about is the six cylinder “1v” version that nobody made, until now. We now stock these carbs and we are extremely pleased with them. We have fitted these on our own cars and been testing them for a while now with superb results. We have tried other eastern “compatible” versions, but they never seemed to work as they should, let alone meet our high standards. We fitted them, we like them, we sell them. These carbs will fit the 170 & 200ci engines.

1v Carburettor


We also have a stock of replacement Autolite 2100 2v carbs as well. The Autolite units can be purchased as new from various suppliers of course, but are more often than not are reconditioned core units. These new carbs have been copied from the later models with all relevant features for a number of fittings. These generic carbs have the functionality of the hot water pipe style automatic choke or the electric version for what ever you want, all on the same choke. They have various vacuum ports and breathers, a safety fuel over fill drain port, to mention a few of the features. These units will bolt onto 260, 289, 302, 351ci engines. They are not exact concours copy of the early units, but under a big air filter you wont really notice. the best part is that they work straight out of the box.

2v Carburettor


Original 2100 and the replacement unit comparison.

We are currently looking at the 4v 4100 versions to see how they perform, we will let you know nearer the time if we will stock these units and more importantly live up to our expectations.

All these carbs are supplied directly to Mustang Maniac as a UK dealer.

Wheel Centres

The other exciting news is we have produced our own version of wheel centres. We have various designs to fit the generic wheel centres from Scott Drake with a diameter of 55mm. These are so new they have not even landed on the WebShop pages just yet. We can sell them as a set or individually as required. These come in a variety of colours or styles. We may look into other colours and styles. If we get enough interest we could make unique bespoke designs as we now have the tooling available to do it..


The generic wheel centres are chrome style.

Red Centres

Blue Centres

Black Centres

Plain Black Pony

Mustang Maniac’s Own Branding

The wheel centres are cheaper than other manufacturers that we stock, now you can take your pick and choose the style you want to fit your budget.

The centres will also fit the ever popular Grant steering wheel boss.


They are great quality and be stuck where you want, on the dash, trunk, under the hood, tool boxes, fridge etc.

Import consigments

As the world is probably aware that the UK had voted to leave the European Union. As a result all sorts of things were expected to happen, some did, lots didn’t. The one thing we sort of expected was UK Sterling vs the USA Dollar rates. These have taken a bit of a tumble recently. Adam being the business man that he is, ordered a huge consignment before the vote, in the hope it would all stabilise quickly and their would be no change to our customers. That delivery was as expected cost wise and (over) stocked up on a lot of items especially the more popular lines. However a recent delivery has seen a significant change to the cost of the stock and the shipping. What happens here is you have to pay the ridiculously high Import Charges and VAT rates for the total cost of that consignment which including the shipping. This is all down to the Pound as it slides against the Dollar. Adam is trying desperately to keep the prices down, but there will need to be some changes on the WebShop to reflect these increases. Mustang Maniac prides itself on holding a huge stock and it’s all available when you order it, unfortunately all this comes at a cost. Hopefully the increases on the WebShop will be kept as low as possible, if we don’t cover our costs then we can’t afford to get the parts in. We hope you understand this very difficult decision is never taken lightly.

Customer Cars

John Wick

As this is the first build of the John Wick in the UK, this car has generated a lot of interest, just like the 60 Second Eleanor’s did when they were the car to have. We have now got most of the running gear on the car. We have replaced the front brakes with a new set of disc brakes and calipers, new rear brakes, leaf springs.the suspension needed to be replaced too. The new brake booster and reservoir have been fitted with our own proportioning valve and new brake lines. The engine has gone in and now start to get the plumbing and connections ready.

Mach1 Restoration

We returned to this little project as she moved temporarily. The car was moved to Yogi’s cave where the engine and gearbox was taken out.

Yogi gets to work with a hose down in the hot weather.

The front of the car will now need to cut back to good metal and rebuilt. We shall of course bring you updates on the progress as we go along.

“Damn Yankees American Car Club” – Summer Slam 2016

For their website click here or go to

Last weekend we supported our friends and sponsored some trophies for the event. As this was on a Sunday we didn’t get a chance to post last weekend. So here are some pictures from the show. It was estimated there was around nine hundred cars at this very well supported event which has been running for thirty years now.

The Yankees club stand where most us where supporting.

Caught On Camera

Rumour has it that somebody has taken a photo of Yogi down the road checking the cars out:


Adam loves Mustangs and took a little drive to clear his head a take chill on a hot day, he always manages to pick a few ladies to go with him! He said it was a road test ready for the Damn Yankees car show! Yeah right 🙂


If you have any amusing pic you think we should post, simply email them to us and we will see what we can do.

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A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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