Yogi Goes Mach1

The last post from last week we had lots of great feedback regarding the new puppies. This week we are back to cars and no more puppies! I think there will be a trouble if we don’t post more cute pics somehow, so there will be some at the bottom of the post.

Anyway, we have been working on the latest car to the team, this time it’s our very own Paul “The Paint” who has treated himself to a new car. A rather nice ’72 Mach1. Paul has been driving it around for a few weeks and is well pleased with the daily driver as it feels very good on brakes, steering and drive. As ever there are a few niggles that will be sorted out a bit later on.

There was a couple of bits of rust that needed looking at such as the floor pans and wheel arches. Yogi and Paul had a conversation about looking at it properly to see what exactly is going on with the chassis and shell.

While Paul was away from the workshop (or cave that Yogi now prowls) for a day or so,


… Yogi does this all this at the speed of sound. We think somebody has been feeding him blue Smarties or something similar with hyper “e- numbers” in it! We would like to point out that he does respond better to Jaffa Cakes, so bear that in mind if you insist on feeding him. (See what we done there? Sorry.)

Seriously though, it all needed to be done, as we suspected there was some hidden spots that will need some treatment. Unfortunately these things can usually only be found when getting to this level of restoration, which means the car will get worse before it gets better. The top part of the fire wall (arrowed) had a big hole in it, and the support plates need replacing that gives the front part of the car its rigidity.

Paul’s reaction was a picture when he saw parts of his previous daily runner now being swept up at the end of the day! But, we did have some good news for Paul. Yogi has started on the floor pans and already welded some of them in place along with part of the rear quarter work. We will be using as much as possible of the original metal work where we can. It does look like the rear light panel will have to come off as well. We know the windscreen is broken, but it was going to need replacing anyway. As we see all to often, it’s what happens when the glass gets brittle with age.

We have spotted something that was a little odd, the prop shaft.


There is a new page added now under the heading “Our Cars” where “Lime ’72 Mach1” can be found, or click here. We will be updating this page on a regular basis, pretty much like Mart’s “Acapulco ’66 Coupe Full Restoration” page under “Customers Cars” or click here to go to that page, as this is a large page give it time to load!

The Puppies:

As promised we have had lots of emails and comments about the new Ellie litter of pups. Lily has taken a shine to the pups in a big way and looks like she wants one! Mother and pups are doing well and starting to show some of their colours now.



We would to thank everybody who turned up to Herbie’s for our Christmas meal. It was a great day and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves.

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2 Responses to Yogi Goes Mach1

  1. Pink says:

    This was great reading. Also would just like to say how young “yogi” looks and how good looking he is, I always thought he was older.


    • Thank you for the great comments and we’re glad you enjoyed the read. We shall certainly let Yogi know he has a new member in his fan club, that’s if he hasn’t already seen the comment yet. 🙂


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