Lime ’72 Mach1

1972 Mach1 which is intended to be painted in Medium Lime Green

Date: 5/12/2015

Our very own Paul “The Paint” has treated himeself to a new car, a ’72 Mach1. Paul has been driving it around for a few weeks now, and the car has turned out to be a great daily driver which feels very good on steering and brakes.

As there was a couple of bits that needed looking at for rusty floor pans. Yogi decided to talk Paul into looking at it properly as it’s a good runner.

The outside was stripped back to its shell.

As we suspected there was some hidden spots that need treatment, but can only be found when getting to this level of restoration. The top part of the fire wall (arrowed) and the support plates need replacing that give the car front end stability.

The start of the floor pans being fitted and welded into place along with some pre work for the rear quarters.


The car has some issues that we knew about and wanted to investigate a little more. We started to cut the top part of the cowl away to get a good look at the rust problem that we could see daylight through. The top part of the cowl would need to be replaced as it had gone thin and peppered with holes.

The removed top part showed our worst expectations. The lower cowl had gone rotten beyond economical repair. The top and bottom parts of the cowl have been ordered and coming in shortly. Although the parts are on their way, they are not cheap unfortunately. The simple reason is these cars are not quite at the restoration stage of the 64 – 69 models. The parts are being made now and should get cheaper over the coming years. We had to drill out the old weld points from the rest of the bodywork as normal for this type of job. The left side of the cowl didn’t look much better but could have been repaired if we wanted to.

Just for now we have stopped work on her untill all the parts in place. The other parts of the engine bay have a few issues and on investigation she has had a minor shunt. The top part of the frame is kinked a little and the an inner panel rippled along with a little rusty bit. Nothing that can’t be sorted we have seen much, much worse and this will be a great looker once she is done.


To Be Continued…