Trips Away

A few of our customers have more than one Mustang in their possession, more often than not they own a newer Mustang and a classic Mustang, the later of which we are their service providers of choice. We had a slight twist on that this week with a newer Mustang coming into us with a problem.

Park & Pic

A good friend of ours Derek also owns a ’67 convertible (which we look after for him), brought his S197 into us with a little problem. He was due to take the car for a trip to Germany, but he wasn’t happy with the feel of the brakes so he bought it into us for a look over.

He reported that the car was suffering from a noise and vibration under braking. Modern Mustangs are cars that we do sometimes service, but you have to be a very good customer of friend to get the servicing. We prefer to use years of experience and a good good ear to tune our cars and not just a laptop in, where’s the fun in that? Saying that, the basic principles of the mechanics are the same.

We took his car out for a quick test and we confirmed the issues and more importantly experienced it for ourselves. Unless you can detect the problem, here, see or feel it the problem, it’s so difficult to diagnose. Trying to find out exactly where the issues were coming from needed a little more investigation up on a ramp. We got her up in the air and took the wheels off starting with the left hand front where we thought the problems were coming from.

First up we could also see that the brake pads would benefit from being replaced.

The noise issue was the bearing which needed to be replaced, as a great stockist that we are, we picked one of the shelf and took it to the workshop. With the bearing setup in place we could check the rotor. As we suspected it was warped.

The decision was made to upgrade the brakes to a set of our vented EBC kits. The rotors and a set of performance pads were chosen.

We cleaned up and then replaced the right hand also side checking the bearing which felt fine. We put the boots back on and took her out for a little run to gently bed the brakes in and get a feel for them.

We were happy, the vibration had stopped and the noise gone. Job done.

Weekend Away

For something a little different this week and maybe continued next week depending on the updates we get. We have a picumentary (yes we just made that up), by our very own Paul B – aka Lob Monster. He has joined in on a weekend away which was arranged by Classic & Sport Car Magazine to attend the ‘LeMans Classic’ taking his ’66 along to the race.

As they were going camping careful packing was going to be needed to make sure the beer didn’t get broken.

Once they had arrived at the meeting point, Paul tells us there was a nice selection of cars ready for the next leg of the journey.

The journey was going via a ferry from Portsmouth to Caen. We have some great pics here of the loading up of the cars ready for departure, a mobile car show in fact.

Once they landed on the other side of the water, they had a ‘pleasant drive through some amazing countryside scenery’ to the next meeting point and breakfast at Putanges-le-Lac.

The final leg of the journey they arrived at the campsite and managed to grab a pic or two of the cars arriving.

After the obligatory beer it was time to get the tents up and make yourself at home for the weekend.

With the cars still racing at 3.30am on Saturday morning the guys got up early for a wander round the venue.

They spotted this rather nice ’69 Shelby which was up for auction with a reserve estimated to be between £80k to £120k.

There were so may places to park cars that it took the guys just over six hours to get around it all.

The equivalent of the Mustang Owners Club in France had this real nice green example.

Looking around the pits and some of the cars, the guys liked these.

Paul even managed to blag a pass and decided to put the Porsche guys to shame by parking next to them. A great shot this one;

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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  1. Simon says:

    Grdeat stuff and pics thanks guys!!!

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  2. Some great pics there from Lob Monster.


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