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Our WebShop has had an overwhelmingly good reaction to the free postage, which we are really pleased about that of course. We are even seeing people buying items that total under the £50 limit and are paying the extra for the next day courier service as well. “Thank You” for all the support via comments, emails and notes with the orders being placed. We appreciate all the feedback. However; somebody even moaned that the postage is not “Free next day courier service”. We will just leave that there for you. We didn’t respond, as we can only assume somebody is having a laugh or trying to wind us up.

The WebShop is also having some behind the scenes work done which again we have had a couple of comments to us which made sense, so we will change it. Our WebShop has well over five thousand products, not just for Classic Mustangs, Fox body, Mustang II, S197, S550 (and everything in between to modern day), even Mach E parts already, that’s not taking into account the Falcons parts either! Behind the scenes we are are starting to optimise the WebShop search engine to find more products for you. In the past, a couple of comments were ‘I can’t find it’. The optimisation is a long slow process, but we are on it. When we get a few spare minutes in the offices we look at the product lines and try to make it easier to find them for you.

Customer Cars:

The Pear is getting closer to completion as Yogi has been painting the inside panels of the car. They may look black, but they are in fact a dark blue.

Fitting the panels with damaging the paint, then adding the cumbersome rear seats and shelf is a challenge, to be on the safe side we made it a two man job.

The seats going in makes a huge difference to inside of the car and looks almost finished.

Metal Mayhem

The skeleton chassis that is the Metal Mayhem has had the panel work added to make it look like a car again. Sheet metal all from our own supplies of course.

As we pointed out on The Pear, aligning the panels and gaps take lots of adjusting. When you take the panels off to be sprayed they need to go back on with the tolerances you allowed. Again a lot of clamps and tack welds until we are happy. Only then does the inner aprons and radiator supports get welded up.

Guessing Game

Adam has treated himself to a car, like he needs another one! But we can see why he got this one though. This is not a new car, but a rare car and this particular iteration of it is a one off. What we intend to do is place a cropped picture here each week. The normal photo is made harder to identify by taking a tight crop or random angle. Why? Because we can just for a bit of fun.

The winner can have their photo, their photo and their car or just their car on our fabled Mustang Blog, if you want to or we can just say well done to you by name. It could be an opportunity to get a Mopar on our blog!

Those that have seen the car during one of Adam’s ‘Mustang Maniac Tours’; please don’t spoil it for the others by telling everybody what it is in the comments.

We are after the Make, Model and the version of the car. We suspect that many will get the make and model, but not the particular version of this car.

Lets start of with a hard one! Go……

Next week we may post a couple of pictures to give more of a clue. If somebody gets it partly right we will acknowledge it as comments come in. Let’s see how good you guys are, light up the comments and have a guess! Bragging rights are at stake here. 😉

Stay Safe & Take Care!

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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2 Responses to Have A Guess

  1. Mark says:

    As there’s no comments I’ll guess (though I know I’m not correct)… 1982 Mercury Capri RS

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