Sometimes We Just Can’t Win

On our blog we have mentioned a number of times about the postage options we offer and try to help our customers. This week we have seen a number of emails that have given us the run around and not our fault. Have this little flurry of emails been saved up for the first week of June?


This week we are going to give you a little insight to what we are dealing with last week. One of which has cost us a fair chunk of money at the same time.

Context: let us paste a little bit of information from Parcel Force’s (or should we say ‘Parcel Farce’?) own website;


“A Saturday parcel delivery service is available to the majority of UK destinations for an additional fee of £9.00 per consignment (for non-account customers). Deliveries are typically between 7.00 am and 1 pm.”

Note the word; “typically“. Although you pay for a service it’s not guaranteed by the provider that offers the service in the first place. We can only do what we can within the guidelines that are given to us for the services we offer on their behalf. Reading through many courier and mail delivery companies they say things like, ‘due to covid……’ to explain some of the possible delays.

A few case studies for you, worryingly for us these are genuine cases.

Case 1.

Cause: a customer wanted a set of service parts for his car, nothing special just the usual spark plugs & filters on a newish Mustang (without giving to much away and keeping this customer anonymous). So he orders the parts the day before for a 24hr delivery. We packaged the parts and they left us within a couple of hours as the parts were ordered before the cut of point. The parcel was delivered around noon. The customer was on email hammering us to say it wasn’t good enough as the car was at the garage waiting for the parts! He even tried to get us to give him the parts for free for compensation.

Response: the fact that this was a 24hr service once it leaves us – it’s really not our fault as we use a service in good faith. We called the customer and asked why he didn’t order the parts earlier to make sure this didn’t happen. He had now answer and parts were a couple of hours ‘late’ to the garage.

Result: this customer is just a messer, and never used us before and will not be using us again – “C” button applied. (Remember “C” button is for ‘cancelled’, not anything else as it has been suggested!) 😀

Adam’s response. ‘Please order your parts in good time to avoid this happening in the future. It’s a simple case of common sense and forward planning.’

Case 2.

Cause: a regular customer ordered £300 worth of parts to be delivered next day (Friday). Nothing wrong with that and all was fine. The parts were ordered on time and picked up on time. We then emailed the customer with the tracking number for his reference. Late Friday afternoon we got an email to say the package had not arrived.

Response: the tracking had not entered the system and was technically ‘lost’. We eventually found out that the collection driver was not doing his job and didn’t scan the package at collection from us, even though we had the stub from the label. This means that we could not prove the package was even picked up from us. Parcel force refused to accept responsibility for a) the parcel being lost. b) The driver not doing his job. We could wait 16days to see if the parcel turned up. This is totally unacceptable to us, let alone the customer.

Result: we picked another £300 worth of the same parts to fulfil the order and paid out of our own pocket £35 to have the parts delivered before 9am on a Saturday service as this was clearly not the customers fault. The package turned up 9 am on the following Monday. We again complained to Parcel Force who gave us £14 in compensation and nothing else what so ever. We had an unhappy customer (who fully understands now that it wasn’t our fault). we are down £321 in total due to the Parcel Force driver not doing his job properly. Now we have to stand and watch the Parcel Force drivers scan every parcel before it enters their van to make sure that they are doing their job correctly. That is obviously not a waste of our time!

Case 3.

Cause: (although this labelled as single case, this is comprised of multiple instances of the same thing). Customers have ordered parts for collection ‘next day’. We pick the items from stock, package the orders up and then we store them in our offices ready for their collection. At one point there were double figures of parcels waiting for customer collection.

Response: most of those packages are still sitting in our offices two weeks later. We are now having to move them out from the reception office back into our packaging room as we didn’t have enough room to deal with our other customer’s hospitality, payments and booking in work requests.

Result: if we had delayed sending the parts out for two weeks we are sure the world would have stopped spinning and it would have been our fault. What else can we do? Stopping the collection service would limit the options of customers who want to collect their parts fast, like our trade customers who can get their parts almost on a walk in service.

Case 4.

Cause: customer ordered some parts via a 24hr tracked service, wanted urgently for next day delivery. We got an irate email the next day to say he hadn’t got his parts.

Response: we checked the tracker log and the parcel was ‘attempted delivery’ on time the next day just before 10am. A card was left at the customers address to say that they were unable to leave the package and would attempt delivery the next day. This wasn’t good enough according to the customer.

Result: the customer had gone out shopping and didn’t think the parcel would turn up. Most of the time the system works, as in this case. This customer will not be using us again and “C” button applied.

Case 5.

Cause: customer orders a couple of small parts via Royal Mail to save money and used the second class postage option. Nothing wrong with that and makes good sound sense.

Response: customer emails us a day later to say that the parts had not arrived and we had disgusting customer service.

Result: we checked the automated ordering from the WebShop, the parts were indeed sent second class large parcel. We advised that the parts would be a least a couple of days due to his own choice of delivery option. Customer advised us that he wouldn’t be using us again as a result. The customer is 100% correct in this case – he won’t be using us again because the “C” button has been applied.

Case 6.

Cause: a new customer we have not dealt with before emails that he needs a part urgently.

Response; we tell the customer he can collect it today if he wanted.

Result: the customer arrived within the hour. He left with the part he needed and paid for it within five minutes. No email to say thanks or anything, not that we expected to be fair.

Please can you let us know if we are still unreasonable on our postage options. We listened that standard Royal Mail should be used; so we re-introduced it. We were asked for different courier options; we introduced them. It seems that we just can’t win sometimes which is disappointing for us. What else do we have to do to improve? You tell us.

On a positive note we are proud to say that we have a extremely high satisfaction rate for our customers. Once customers have used us they continue to do so to be fair. Perhaps these Covid lockdowns have affected some people in a negative way more than we thought. 😦

Onto the good stuff……

Customer Cars:

This week the ‘Green Goddess’ has been moved into the ‘panel shop’ for the start of the strip down. We suspect that most of it will be swept up and put into a bin.

Further investigation shows us what we expected to find; a Flintstone powered vehicle!

The rear of the car in the trunk area.

Are we worried? Nahh, considering some of the cars we have had to work on, there is quite a lot to be going on here. Nothing that we haven’t seen many times before.

This little lady will be as good as new. We will have to use a lot of sheet metal panels from our stock of course, but have allowed for that. 😉

Stay Safe & Take Care!

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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15 Responses to Sometimes We Just Can’t Win

  1. Those case studies are just mad. Mustang Maniac has done nothing wrong, it seems to be the moaning culture that we have now. People are in lockdown and look for something to moan about. I have never had any problems with your services. As for the bloke turning up, getting his bit within an hour, that looks to be par for the course the days with no manners, unbelievable. You are head and shoulders above the rest of the suppliers out there and I admire your honesty to share with us these “Complaints” that aren’t complaints at all if you ask me.
    Keep up the good work guys.

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  2. Roy Alexander says:

    I have never purchased anything for MM, maybe one day but…..

    I really don’t get why you are moaning? It’s business some customers are difficult, some customers make mistakes and sometime don’t understand.

    However if you believe the delivery company is at fault, change them, don’t blame the customers, or offer a different service option maybe a “guaranteed” next day service.

    I’m not sure sending out emails like this will enhance your customer profile, even if it makes you feel better.




    • BBB says:

      Not too sure if you even read the whole post.. they have been requested to offer multiple different services.. and they have brought in those services, the point they are making is that even though that has been asked of them, and they have followed up on customers requests it is apparently still their fault?

      Also I think the whole point of the beginning of the post is that if you don’t like the, service shop somewhere else, as you will find it hard to find next day delivery etc on these kinds of parts and even so better customer service, people’s custom is not needed if they are going to be rude and demand free parts for something that is not at MM’s fault, it’s pathetic.

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      • Thank you very much for understanding what we were trying to say. You have hit the nail on the head. The post is saying we try our best and it’s stil not enough. A couple of the emails go beyond being rude and we couldn’t quote them on a family page. It seems people use other suppliers and come to us as a last resort as nobody else has the parts in stock that we have. Perhaps they resent that and find any excuse to blame MM.

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    • Thanks for taking out to leave us your comments Roy.
      Contrary to what you may believe we are not ‘moaning’. We are saying that we try to make it expressly clear the options available to customers have for their purchases. These customers choose to ignore it then have a pop at us. Some people want top quality service but don’t want to pay for it.
      We have tried many couriers in the past. Then we stopped using them because of this time of thing, but we were asked to bring them back – so we did. Now that isn’t good enough again. Once these packages leave us we have no control over their delivery to the customer. We can only ‘trust’ what we are told.
      If you could recommend the 100% perfect courier then we will be happy to use them and customers would need to pay for that service. However, if for what ever reason they have a problem with delivery or fail to meet their target could we direct the complaints to you?
      Our customer profile is one of the best in this field because we listen to our customers and adapt. If customers choose to be rude because of something outside of our control we shouldn’t have to accept it. That’s our policy.


  3. Boris says:

    Anyone who deals with parcel delivery companies will know that they often fall short of their promises – sometimes because of numptyism on the part of their workforce and sometimes because of the extreme demands put on them. Nowadays we tend to demand ‘overnight’, ‘next day’ or ‘delivery by yesterday’ levels of service and that creates a demand for postal services that simply cannot always be delivered.
    None of this is the fault of the sellers who can only act in good faith and base their delivery times on what they are told by the couriers… it’s a bit like blaming the dairy because you’ve run out of milk. Simple solution is to plan ahead, allow plenty of time to get the parts so if the items are slow to arrive you are covered…..simples….

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  4. Whilst some of us have carried on as normal over the last 18 months, the hysteria surrounding CV-19 has been a perfect excuse for shoddy service from companies and ‘respected’ institutions alike.

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  5. Simon says:

    Hey guys, I agree that I will always accept fair critisism when I/we slip up cos of course it happens, but I am not keen on taking the flak when the delivery company screws it up. I have worked in Export for 30 ish years and learned to rely on the pros ie TNT, UPS, DHL and the like cos they are yes more expensive as well as yes, MUCH more reliable.

    And they have phone lines and operators that your customer can call directly.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Simon we absolutely agree. When things go wrong we sort it out without question. But sometimes things are out of our hands. We have offered more expensive courier options but we got grief for charging to much, although we put nothing on the courier costs. The sad thing is people want the best but don’t want to pay for it. The thing is these case studies are from people we haven’t dealt with before. Our regulars are more than happy.
      One of the case studies sent us an email to say they wanted a refund of the item because it was a couple of hours late. This type of post doesn’t give us pleasure at all. We are trying to highlight some issues that are easily avoided. Order earlier and the problem is reduced significantly. We will keep trying our best though.


  6. Mark says:

    It’s unfortunate there are those for whom service will never be good enough. What’s worse now is the damage these folks can do by badmouthing a vendor to others.
    It sounds as though you guys have done quite a lot to offer a number of options to your clients. Im sure many of them realize that. Hopefully the happy customers are always louder and more numerous than the petty ones.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you very much Mark. That’s exactly why we posted what we did. We are stating what happened and defended ourselves. We could have been brutal and posted the email addresses and contents. but this is not about scoring points.
      Believe it or not want to help these people, you have your car booked in – don’t order the part the day before, just in case something goes wrong.
      We appreciate the support.


  7. Simon says:

    PLEASE try Mail Boxes Etc. I find them excellent.


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