The Rest Of SEMA 2019

During Adam’s time at SEMA this year there was lots of meetings more so than usual and catching up with his elite circle of friends very high up in the motoring world. We have been some pictures sent back to us and here are those remaining shots.

Starting with the obligatory Mustangs of course.

A rather shiny Cobra

Dom’s famous Charger

And of course the odd celeb. who wanted to speak to Adam and waited in line until he was available. 😉

A couple of shots of some ladies who were helping with the promotion work.

After Adam & Lynn had done shopping a little medicinal shopping was required. Now it’s not know if this alcohol was purchased or just for demonstration purposes, but the next batch of messages didn’t make a lot of sense. We suspect the messages got corrupted on the way over the Bermuda Triangle.


Adam & Lynn are now on their way to a private holiday break taking in Memphis Graceland. But they did take a picture of the hotel car park and the bull riding ring ‘inside’ the hotel.

Just a quick note, that hotel car park is better looking than some of the ‘hotels’ I have personally stayed in. Adam will be back soon to a mountain of work that he thought would go away while on holiday, nope it’s not gone away. 😀

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3 Responses to The Rest Of SEMA 2019

  1. We can only assume that Lynn put the big bottles back in order to get a couple of minatures instead? 😂

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  2. Wow, so glad to see what was done at SEMA. I will make it there one year, hopefully.

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