Enfield Pageant 2017

We didn’t get to post last week as we said we were going to have a BBQ in the lovely sunny weather, but we did have the BBQ. Mustang Maniac were out n force at the Enfield Pageant of Motoring from 27th to 29th May. As always it’s a very well run show and logistic were great and no problems. Take note Duxford! Anyway, we had plenty of our cars and throughout the weekend customers joined us on various days so no two days were the same, but we will get to that a little later on. We also have a large update on the DeAgostini Shelby GT500 model too which will show you too.

Park & Pic

This weeks Park & Pic was from some good friends of ours Barry and Shaz who each own their own Mustangs. Shaz turned up in her ’69 302 fastback to pay us a social visit and pick up some parts for their other cars. Shaz also wanted us to point out that this is not Barry’s car, it’s hers! Yellow is a difficult colour on a car at the best of times, but these ’69 cars pull it off no problem what so ever. We should point out we heard them coming due to the decibel levels of the exhaust. 🙂

The Enfield Pageant 2017

We turned up early Saturday and set up shop, bringing with us our Fairlane, EcoBoost, Hertz to start of with and the john Wick car also turned up for the three days too. We also had a few visitors with their non Mustangs too, which we are always happy to see. throughout the weekend each day – we got rain. We can’t remember the last show where there was no rain over the whole weekend to be honest!

There was a strong American showing this year around the central tent.

There was nice showing of some great UK Fords so we tried to pick the ones we liked the best.

The rest of the cars would have taken up some much space on the post we tried to narrow it down from the two hundred plus photo’s we took over the weekend.

Throughout the weekend there was music and people doing daft things on motorbikes, but everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves as they do each year.

We mentioned a BBQ last post, well we did, the expectation was:

The reality was:

The reason for the down size was simple from Adam, “So, just let me get this straight, you want me to cut up one of my cars just so you can burn sausages in it? It ain’t happening.” That comment on reflection was a very, very fair point, and we can’t argue with actually. But, we will keep working on it though, we know where Adam’s secret graveyard stash of Mustangs are kept! 😉

Mustang Maniac would to thank everybody who turned up to see us, we made new friends and had a number of new customers who are going to bring their cars to us to be sorted out properly. 

Shelby GT500 1:8th scale DeAgostini model update. 

We have update model page click here for the quick link, cut and past this to your browser;   https://mustangmaniac.org/shelby-gt500-18th-scale-model/   or click on the main menu above to see the full details. The latest eight issues takes us up to number 80 and we see  the engine completed and mounted into the chassis, the inner fenders added and the wiring for the circuit board started. An exciting time to use up lots of parts that have been laying around for over a year now. Here we have a selection of the pics we used on the model page. We haven’t done a full report as this is already a big post with lots of pictures.

Until next week. enjoy the nice weather while you can.

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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8 Responses to Enfield Pageant 2017

  1. Some nice cars there. The model is coming along nicely now as well, that will be a monster model when it’s complete.

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  2. bzerob says:

    Nice weekend showing! Great show Nice pics!

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  4. Reblogged this on Customs N Classics and commented:
    Check out the Maniacs weekend, especially the grilling they did!
    Towards the end, you will find the continuation of the 1/8th scale GT

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  5. Sorry it took so long for me to get to your newest post, on vacation. The show looked amazing, glad you made new friends and customers! Also, yellow really does look good on that Mustang!
    As far as the grill, don’t they make replica parts you could use, instead of cutting apart an actual car? Just a thought.
    The model is coming along nicely. I can’t wait to see how it is finished!

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    • Hi, no rush what so ever to get round to us. We appreciate the reboots from your kind self. The BBQ was quite amusing having a travel one instead of the nice posh Mustang one. There are plenty of parts Adam could use, but he just hates to cut anything up Mustang related, you should see his huge parts shed of second hand parts he has that he doesn’t sell. We recon there must be 4 or so cars laying on pallets without the spare engines, gearboxes, axles etc. The model is something we didn’t intend to put on the blog but when we mentioned it somebody said we should. It’s turned out to be popular. We will certainly post the end results up that’s for sure. 😀👍

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