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At Mustang Maniac we not only pride ourselves on the highest quality of work available for your Mustang, but we also pride ourselves on the fact that if you want a part for your car, we have got it IN STOCK. As such our online ordering service, our WebShop” has progressed much more quickly than we expected, with many requests to stock other later model Mustang parts now as well. We do hold a few of the standard parts for the late Mustangs, but even this has outgrown what we normally stock now. As a result due to popular demand we are expanding our stock range, all fifty years in fact in the near future. Quite what we need to stock for demand, what the common parts are such as the service items etc. we will have to work out. Our WebShop has now been improved with some changesd to the new interface which should make it easier to find what you need for what year of Mustang you have. Our normal huge supply of Classic Mustang parts has and always will be our priority and maxed out where we can. The later models will be added to on a weekly or even a daily basis so keep checking back. If you can’t find what you are looking for, firstly email Adam via the WebShop for a request, or call the office. We could well be stocking parts requested by you, our customers. Please just let us know what you want.

We have tried to keep the look and feel of the old WebShop in place for familiarity while introducing the new functionality too.

Here we have the main menu tweaked with the cars by year which will take you to sub menus for their corresponding parts as normal.


If you’re not sure of the year we have a visual guide here now too.


Here is the tweaked scroll down menu if you know the parts you are after or you can still click on the menu on the left at the top to save scrolling.




Please let us know how it looks, or how we can improve our WebShop. Once again we have listened to what our loyal customers require as well as listening to our future customers too. Thank you for all your feed back.

The Web site is still the same as always below or click anywhere it says “WebShop“:

WebShop –

A Custom Logo has Been Created to Celebrate 50 Years of Mustang

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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4 Responses to New & Improved WebShop

  1. A nice subtle improvement, well done guys. 🙂


  2. Dana S. Hugh says:

    I like it and seems very easy to find what someone is looking for, very organised, it reminds me of Microcat Ford Catalog.Thank you and good sales!

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    • Thank you for the feedback. We don’t know if we have good or messed it up unless we are told. Feedback has been good so far. One person didn’t like it because they only wants the occasional ’68 part. Seems we can’t please 100% all the time, but thats our aim.

      Liked by 1 person

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