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A busy week with so much on the go we have had to carefully plan what we can and what we can’t can turn around for our customers in a realistic time scale. We have had plenty of visitors to the yard and few guided tours as a result.

Customers Cars:

Yogi has spent a couple of days on the ’70 fastback where he had previously declared war on rust. The back of the car is now coming together again and looking a bit more like a car. We decided to replace the inner and outer rear wheel arches as a single piece. We could have saved most of the inner arches, but by the time the cutting and welding had been done it’s more economical to replace with brand new panels.

The arches were put in place and dry fitted up with rear quarters and clamped in place. Final adjustments made to the arches and the full proper spot welding done. None of this drill a hole, weld, and rub it down if you’re lucky sort of efforts. During the aligning up of the quarter panels it was noticed that the back had a little fender bender and distorted the back frame. Yogi had to straighten that all out first so the new B pillar would fit correctly. The current B pillars won’t be able to be saved due to heavy the rust at the bottom which obviously forms part of the structural strength of the car.

With the new arch in place and sealed after the standard coat of Red Oxide had been applied. The original cars were just left as bare metal as it wouldn’t be seen, we prefer to treat and protect even what you can’t see.

The right side is shown here for comparison with nothing in place just showing the bare metal.

We have kept the old panels where we can in order for us to use the original brackets and take measurements from them. We always clamp and dry fit before we tack weld and refit again, only once we are happy we get on with the full welding into place.

The rear quarters will be sandwiched in place and we will lead fill and make sure they are brazed in position like they should be.


The inside floor pans from the A pillar back to the B pillars is now completed and coated with the trusty Red Oxide for protection again.

The owners of this car popped down to see us on Saturday and see the work in progress so far. It’s always a little bit of a shock to see half your car missing. But as we know what we are doing, Yogi says “in a week or so it will be a shell again”. The rear axle, brackets, mounts and other parts will all be sent away for shot blasting before being treated and fitted back onto the chassis. We hope to get the colour of the car on the inside of the quarters early next week. But, like most things, if we have an emergency job to do then things could change.

We have had a ’66 Coupe in for a number of upgrades and new parts to be fitted. The first of which was to fit a complete new MSD ignition system.

Stock News:

We are very excited to say that Scott Drake have now produced a pretty awesome 4-lug alloy wheel which we will be holding in stock. Now there is no excuse to leave those rusty old steels on your car when you can have these great looking wheels.


These wheels are a single size of 15″ x 6″ in either Gloss Black or Charcoal. We have ordered 36 wheels and they have already been sold before we  even unpack them. We will be getting some more but the demand has been high for the long-awaited wheels. We often considered the 4 lug wheels to be left out a bit, but now Scott Drake have put that right. We will be putting these on the WebShop for prices and availability very soon.

We have some more very exciting news for Mustang Maniac being a supplier for another company in the UK. This is exciting for us and we will reveal all shortly, we are convinced it will be good news for a lot of people. Watch this space!


Last week we posted a piece on the promotional Mustang models of that era. As a result of that, we received an email which arrived with some more interesting info on Mustang Models. Thanks to Ian C. who kindly took time out send these pics with the following note.

“Your readers may like to know about the pics I have attached. They are all working promo radio’s from ’65/’66. They were made by Philco and run from a 9v battery, the speaker is mounted inside the car. The gold version is mint, the other two are in good condition. As far as I am aware all were fastbacks and had 1966 on the number plate, various colours were made.”

If anybody out there around the world has any other Mustang memorabilia you would like to share with us and our readers, please email us and we will get it on the blog for you.

Got to give him Credit!

Barclays Bank in the UK will allow you to personalise your credit cards. Adam decided that he would put the love of life on the company card. It just had to be the Shelby KR!


About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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2 Responses to A to B

  1. Gary W says:

    How cool are the radios?….extremely envious. Great blog and good to see the progress made on the car.


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