This week we have put the finishing touches to a car we have had for a while now and sort of sad to see it go. To make up for it we have started on another car to be built up from bits over two years, but more of that later. There has been requests to have pics of the pups again when customers have arrived at the office, so of course we have a pic for you, Needless to say these pups have had a sudden growing spurt. It can get a little cramped in the offices on occasions now, but when they look like this we don’t care.


Customers Alpha Red Convertible

This car has taken longer to complete for various reasons, but now we are pleased to say that she is now fully completed and ready to go back to the owner. With everything in place we’re pleased with how the car has turned out. The bespoke seats, unusual paint job colour, Scott Drake’s latest set of alloy wheels, lots of billet engine parts, a great sound and a new soft top certainly makes this a little lady a real head turner.


Our Cars

Lime green Mach1 is now getting the final fitting of the new metal work and the cowl is now fully in place. The inside of the cabin is now fully Red Oxide treated.


As part of Ford’s Mustang launch activities during 1964/5 they commissioned a number of 1/25 scale models of Mustang Coupes and Fastbacks and sent them to its dealers as promotional items – they had done this before with Galaxy, Falcon and Edsel cars around launch. They featured on dealer sales desks etc and some were given to key customers who bought the first cars. Whilst it is thought that a selection of colours were made, most Mustang models were made in red reflecting the colour of the Fastback prototype shown at the World Fair Launch in New York in 1964.
Made of plastic and metal, they were only intended to last a short period but some have survived in remarkable condition and are now appearing from time to time in US ‘estate sales’. Needless to say these launch models have become highly collectible with both model car collectors and Mustang enthusiasts worldwide.
One of our Mustang Maniac customers and good friend is lucky to have recently found two:


Are we jealous? Yep we sure are, but the owner of these great rare pieces is a great guy so we don’t mind really.

Shelby GT500 1:8th Scale Model

Speaking of models we are now starting on our own model, well it’s from DeAgostini weekly build up of the Shelby GT500. We have a page dedicated to the build and we will be updating it. We won’t be going into it in great detail as the instructions are pretty good and clear. We now have a few issues so we decided that we will do this in batches as they arrive. We have the first three now so we thought we would start now. The expected packages should have four editions each month.

Click here for the link to our build, or it’s located above Menu tabs: “Projects – Shelby GT500 1:8th Model”

Here are some pics of the build so far.



About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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2 Responses to Models

  1. Dana S. Hugh says:

    I see all the models have a blue line of descent, very cute versus classic. Love them!


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