Enos Is Coming

At Mustang Maniac we offer the best quality products at the best prices, we always have done and will continue to do so, and we even have them in stock. Yet again we are increasing our high quality stock range, and these ever-increasing parts storage containers have even started to creep into the offices now. I’m not sure how, but they have.

Note to self; Find more storage space, again!

What is Enos? Due to the odd enquiry along the lines of “do you have the <what ever> part any cheaper?” as they can’t get that same part from anywhere else. We have thought long and hard about this and decided to stock a more limited range of parts we are calling our “Enos Range“. These Enos parts are stocked and intended for the more careful Mustang owners,  or for those on a more limited budget for their restoration project. These Enos parts are not quite up to our superior quality of our normal stock parts, but they will still do the job they are intended for of course. Some other suppliers may already be offering parts which will be similar to our new Enos Range, not the equivalent of our high-end range of products. The Enos parts range will be in stock and updated for availability on our WebShop which will change on a regular basis, so be sure to keep checking out the deals as we get them. It could well be that once that stock is gone, there could well be a delay before we replace that range again, if we ever do replenish that stock line again. If we are repairing or restoring your car, we will use the best parts we can, but if you want to use our Enos parts range and we have them in stock, we can use them to suit your budget.

So, for those customers who have asked us if we have anything cheaper and it’s actually in stock, then you will soon have a choice of stock quality and prices. This will be an initial trial run for us to see how things go. Mustang Maniac has again listened to your welcomed feedback and responded, we are willing to give it go for you.  

Customers Cars:

The Belgium convertible is getting some Yogi time on the rear section. The rear inner arches were cut away to the good parts, and the rotten parts were replaced with new metal. This would also expose the rear trunk drop to see if they need any welding, which of course they did.

He offered the parts up and cut them back, which were then dry fitted with clamps to the frame then the rear quarters offered up.

Once he was happy he would tack into place, remove the quarter and weld the arches properly.

This means the quarters will be a perfect fit ready to be braised in place. Sam was there to apply a good application of Red Oxide to the inner parts that are not even seen from the outside. This is our commitment to the levels of quality in our work.

In fact Yogi is so pleased with his work he decided to put little note on the car as he knew the pic could well be on the blog. We are sure it was something he had been eating during the day to cause this “funny mood” he was in, perhaps it’s the mating season, who knows?


However, we would like to remind customers: Please do NOT to feed the Yogi in the workshops if you see him. We don’t wish to encourage this sort of behaviour! 🙂

Rusty Vs Yogi:

The ’70 fast back has been getting some new floor parts now after Yogi cut the floors out and the front chassis legs.  Sam treated with the Red Oxide and Yogi got on the seam sealer. A fair bit of work over the week, slow painstaking work that has to be right first time.

’67 Fast Back rewire

Adam and Yogi were seen discussing a ’67 fast back that was going through an American Autowire wire harness replacement. They were discussing the modification to the wire loom to take a standard alternator and not a One Wire alternator. This would require a number additional wires to cater for it. The result will be great as original equipment will be used with a brand new loom with additional functionality built-in.


We recommend these kits and used quite a few now for our own projects, if the demand is there we may even start to stock these kits as an item, They don’t come cheap and definitely not an Enos part.


Acapulco Coupe.

This has been going very well and lots of interior parts have been fitted, the aircon unit, centre console, kick panels, trunk back etc. We have even sold our first Enos part to Mart which was just a dead simple 15″ steering wheel cover for his wood wheel. Not that he wants it full-time of course, it’s just to stop any knocks while in and out of the workshops or MOT.



 The Enos spec wheel cover does not particularly look out-of-place, and it will do its job.


About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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2 Responses to Enos Is Coming

  1. camerapacker says:

    You guys do nice work.


  2. Thanks, we aim to please. 🙂


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