Mr. F. & Mr. D.

Here at Mustang Maniac we get strange requests for all sorts of things, most of which we can cope with some we won’t entertain for some obvious reasons. However we will let you into a couple of conversations of genuinely true stories, but we will only tell it once because the outcome is the same as you will see why:

We received a phone call from a customer who “Just wanted a “D””, he later went on to explain what he actually wanted was a single letter “D” for the lip of his hood. Of course we have the “F.O.R.D.” Scott Drake set that has all four letters in a pack for £20. But, his guy wanted us to open a packet up and sell him just the “D” for a couple of pounds. What would we do with an incomplete set of letters, why not just replace all the lettering on the hood? So we agreed we would just send a “D”, but it would still be £20. Needless to say he said he could “buy a whole pack for that!” Exactly our point, unfortunately he wasn’t happy and we heard no more, which unfortunately wasn’t our aim to upset customers at all. The other true story was the same, the only difference this time was a request for the letter “F” with exactly the same style conversation taken place a few days later. We honestly thought it was a prank call.

By a random coincidence a couple of weeks ago we had a car in for a winter service and the hood lettering of the “O” & the “R” was missing from a recently applied new set of letters, so we were asked to replace the missing letters which we did of course from a pack. So as you can guess – we now unusually have a spare “F” & “D”. Most of the time if we change one letter will change the whole lot as standard so they all look the same and not some tarnished and some sparkly new ones.

F D letters

Mr F & Mr D

Then we had a thought, as a one-off or in this case a two-off, we just wanted to say to Mr F and Mr D – we now have your letters individually – so please give us a call and I’m sure we can sort you out a very favourable prices if you are still interested. We always try to help out our customers where we can.


We get many rare cars in here in our workshops, famous cars and celeb owners of cars, but for confidential reasons we don’t divulge them all. But, we have a car here that was famous in its own right back in the ’70’s, she even appeared on a few covers and in a few centre pages on various hot rod and custom car magazines. The car was delivered to us to be looked at for a potential restoration. Now this car in her heyday was a real head turner, now you would probably look the other way. She does look a little worse for rust and rot should we say to be kind, but underneath the structure is sound and chassis legs are fine. Of course we have from some cars of our own stock that are rotten underneath, but the their metal work is fine. So we could make up a car from the pair quite easily or just add new panels, but the finances and time involved have yet to be agreed. For now this tired old legend awaits her fate! Will her Dixie horns ever sound again, we just don’t know, but surely the heritage of the car could just well be worth it.

Last week we mentioned in our blog that the a ’67 body shell was purchased “with a donor car from our stock.” This was incorrect and apologies to our customer who pointed out the error, thank you. The donor car is in fact the customers car and what we meant to say was “it’s now with stored with our stock”. Our excuse was that it was a busy day when the post was written up. However, we are genuinely very excited about this project build, and we will bring you pictures of the car all panelled up before she gets her coats of paint. The shell at this point really does look menacing all in a satin black we must say! We will also be running our regular update features of this project car from a shell and donor to an awesome show car. There will be a dedicated page for this project in our project cars very soon, so watch this space.

Classic Car Tax Discs:

What we have failed to mention was the fact that these tax discs also have the standard wording on the back from that classic motoring era. A customer has pointed it out to us that we didn’t mention it on the description, we just thought it was obvious that all, so here is a pic of the wording on the back – all be it the Mustang Maniac stamped version.


Our WebShop has sold a number of the tax discs for non mustang owners too now. So make that stocking filler something a little different and nostalgic.

Generic Tax Discs click here.

Mustang Maniac Tax Discs Click here

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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  1. Sorry, but that story made me chuckle! 🙂


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