Rare Cleveland 302 Engine

We have finally managed to get hold of a rare Cleveland 302 engine. Yes, you did read that right, not a 351 but it’s a 302 with the transmission as well. The Cleveland 302 was not manufactured in the USA only in Australia. It’s identical to the 351 except for the crank and rods due to the shorter stroke. Some called it the Ford Fairmount which was supposed to have more torque but slightly down on top end. Just to prove it you can see the crank clearly say 302. We have had some interesting conversations about this engine and to date not managed to get a full engine. This was stripped down about ten years ago and has been like it since and this is how we bought it. We have some plans for this engine, which one wins we will have to discuss. What better way to pick up a classic rare engine in a classic rare Falcon pick up truck?


We have had a couple of cars in for a routine services and they were finished well on time. We had this nice shot of a dark blue ’65 Coupe ready to go and we decided to make it into a wallpaper for you to download, click here.

We decided to get some work done on ’66 Coupe that is in our panel shop on the spit. The front floor pan supports were rotten and poorly welded in place. As a lot of the work has been done to grind away the old welds, we removed the old ones and was pleased to see the inside bodywork to the supports was in good condition. We painted the inside of the supports as standard with red oxide before welding.

Al (Yogi, to his friends) then welded the new floor supports(s) back in place one at a time. Everything was carefully marked up to make sure no movement in the vehicle during the process.

We also attached the hand brake bracket back in place a mended the holes there previously, we also gave the floors another generous helping of filler to be sanded down. We didn’t tell Mart as we thought it would be a nice surprise for him.


We had a stone dog given to us a little while ago and we had it shot blasted to clean it up. But, somebody who hasn’t owned up yet, staff or customer has now placed a half chewed mat and a wig on the dog! We liked it so much we have left it. 🙂 Any ideas for a name for our new hound?

Quick links:

Downloads ’65 Coupe & Gas Pump or click here

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  1. Oh – it wasn’t me with the dog by the way. lol


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