Gas or Electric?

A month or so ago Adam placed an order for a car. Yep, he bought a brand new Mustang. Since he has had the car he has seen many forum debate if this is a proper Mustang or not, the Mach E Mustang. Ford calls it a Mustang therefor it’s a Mustang. Nothing anybody can say will change the fact it’s a Mustang in the eyes of Ford who not only make the cars, they also name them too. This mentality seems to rear it’s head for each subsequent iteration of the Mustang as it evolves. 1st Gen, Mustang II, Foxy body, S197, S550 owners now the Mach E etc.

Park & Pic

We have had the privilege of having in a real treat of a car to work on, a genuine Cobra Jet which is more than fitting for this weeks leading post’s photo. The lucky owner of this vehicle has had her for a long time and has looked after it well, as a result it’s a great example of these sort after models.

The car came to us for a potential brake issue to check out and a once over. The owner has never been happy with the brakes since he has had the car and wanted to find out if this is how they should be or could they be improved?

At some point in the past the car has had a ‘Brake Boost’ conversion, so in theory the car should have stopped well, but it wasn’t great. Theory and fact are two very different things, especially in classic cars. We got the car into the workshop and got her up in the air to check for anything obvious, but all was as expected. We know from past experience that in order to increase the stopping power we fitted some ‘EBC performance’ brakes to make sure the potential stopping power was there to start with.

Adams house and guard dog Ellie even photobombed the picture below for approval!

Again on a road test we weren’t happy with what should have been much better performing brakes. Back into the shop for a second look.

The plan was to start from the inside and work out. No sooner had we started inside when we found the problem. An unusual issue we hadn’t seen for a long long time.

Although the booster had been swapped out fine, the brake pedal hadn’t been swapped over at the same time as it should have been with this style of booster. This pedal swap out is a few hours work of being upside down and being a contortionist too. Which is probably why it wasn’t done in the first place if the truth is to be known. The pedal was swapped out and the correct brake light switch fitted. The car now has a nice performance feel and stopping power as we would expect from these brakes. Once we were happy with the brake issue the car was serviced with new oil, filter etc.

For safety, the owner wanted to be more visible so we swapped the rear lights out for a set of stock look LED board conversion with inclusive indicators.

Like most of the cars when they entered the UK the rear back up lights were swapped to be the indicators, as that was cheapest and easiest way of doing it. However, being so low down they can’t be seen very well. That has all changed now as the owner has a full set of rear driving lights, seperate brake lights and amber flash indicators where you would expect them to be.

We recommend these upgrades for safety and a peace of mind. However, with the silicon shortage (as well as the current fuel shortages) the required chips are difficult to obtain at the moment to make these boards up for us.

So, if you want to see a great example of the real nice Cobra Jet, take a look at this little lady. We do like a nice Cobra Jet here at the Mustang Maniac.

Mach E

Adam predicted (yes he has been playing with his crystal balls again!) that there might issue with fuel availability and also wanted to try out the growing trend of electric vehicles. It wasn’t until ford Released the Mach E that he took interest. After a few months of “shall I, or shan’t I” he went for it.

We was going to make this the ‘Park & Pic’ for this week, but the Cobra Jet took that spot, justified if you ask me.

He took delivery early of the ’71 plate car to take it apart. Yep you read that correctly, Adam had it up on the ramps, wheels of, under trays off and was looking at the consumable parts. The reason is that he can then stock those parts as well. As these cars become more common they will need serviceable parts too, like the brakes and bulbs.

The interior is real nice place to be, and goes ‘very well’ according to Adam. He did say ‘there is so much to play with and take a little while to set it up how you want it.’

Adam even tells us that the centre console can be made to sound like a v8 inside if you want to. He even said it sounded better than some of the v8 powered Mustangs he has worked on!

Speaking of lights there are a few little “Easter Eggs” to be found like the pony on the front lights.

The puddle lights are a nice touch.

The rear lights;

The doors have keyless entry and also a keypad on the door, nothing new in the USA, but here it’s not that common.

The charging options are very good, household, fast charging and direct charging. The choice is yours!

It won’t be long until there will be some Mach E parts in stock.

with current fuel status in the UK this was sent to Adam;

So having a nice petrol (‘Gas’ for our friends over the pond) car and an state of the art electric vehicle what would you go for?


So speaking of the Mustang Mach E this has been brought to our attention.

“Tough Enough for Law Enforcement: Mustang Mach-E Is First All-Electric Vehicle to Pass Michigan State Police Tests.

“The fact that the Mustang Mach-E successfully stood up to the grueling Michigan State Police evaluation demonstrates that Ford can build electric vehicles that are capable, tough and reliable enough for even the most challenging jobs,” said Ted Cannis, CEO of Ford Pro. “We understand the needs of our commercial customers and are committed to unlocking new electrification opportunities for them.”

The Ford Pro all-electric police pilot vehicle based on the 2021 Mustang Mach-E SUV just became the first all-electric vehicle to pass the rigorous Michigan State Police 2022 model year evaluation. Testing included acceleration, top speed, braking and high-speed pursuit, as well as emergency response handling characteristics. Michigan State Police is one of two law enforcement agencies that annually test new model year police vehicles and publish the results for use by agencies nationwide.

Ford Pro submitted the all-electric police pilot vehicle for testing in the Michigan State Police 2022 model year evaluation Sept. 18 and Sept. 20. Michigan State Police will publish results for vehicles tested on its website later in the fall.

Ford Pro is a separate global vehicle services and distribution business within Ford that is leading the company’s efforts to develop and deliver work-ready products and services for commercial and government customers. The Ford Pro vehicle lineup includes the all-electric 2022 E-Transit van and the all-electric 2022 F-150 Lightning Pro pickup.”


Stay Safe & Take Care!

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3 Responses to Gas or Electric?

  1. My choice would be the Cobra jet. But going electric is a farce in my opinion. The resources needed to make those batteries doesn’t make the electric car option carbon neutral. I still can’t believe. Nobody has made an artificial petrol yet. Great post.

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    • Great points and we whole heartedly agree. Hydrogen should be the direction we push. To make each battery is an insane amount of mining and destruction to the planet. People also forget the batteries have a limited life span, every time they get charged it reduces the efficiency of the battery. The same principle as a mobile phone. It won’t be long before the government realises that income from an already overtaxed petrol is not coming in that they will tax the charging of cars. Motorists is one of the most heavily taxed people in the country for an essential means of travel. Trains are out of the question due to the pathetic costs and reliability issues. We could go on and on.

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  2. Simon says:

    GREAT post thanks guys keep em coming!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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