Mustang Maniac Feeling Foxy

It’s a known fact that Adam is a wiley ol’ fox and this week he has started a new line of parts for his much loved Mustangs. Not the most loved looking Mustangs made, but over time they are starting to look better and the prices are reflecting that.

Adam has been doing some service work on wheel bearings again and some service work. We think he enjoyed it to be out of the office. Apart from the odd naughty word where he swears that there is Braughing (not Bermuda) Triangle in his workshop. He’s put stuff down and it mysteriously moves on it’s own to somewhere else, so he claims anyway! 😉

Customer Cars

With Yogi away this week a holiday ‘Sheleanor’ was left ready to have the glass fitted before he finished up for his well deserved break. As is our (and recommended) way we like the glass to be bonded in as well as the clips. This helps to stop leaks, prevents water pooling and the potential for rust. The very thin bond line doesn’t detract from the look of the car, we think it improves it to be honest. However some purists will argue with us, but then they may have a built in foot spa during some heavy rain. If we were to build a car to concours standards then that is different matter of course.

The rear window got the same treatment.

With the glass in place things start to look so much better and more like a car.

The customer supplied paint job over the body kit we fitted has gone well, it’s just now a case of putting things back together again.

Once the fitting has been completed we will have a test drive. Once we are happy then we will have a full tidy up and wipe down to make sure the car will be looking its best for the customer.


We mentioned earlier that Adam is crafty ol’ fox. It was a little play on words as well as we tend to do. Manufacturers are now starting to produce the parts for the Fox body Mustangs. That means that Mustang Maniac will now be stocking an expanded range of these scarce parts until now. Many of these parts are just starting to appear on the market as these cars become more desirable and so the parts demand increases. So in no particular order we have;

We have some nice hoses properly shaped.

Throttle and parking brake cables.

Then there are some badges of honour too. These black look chrome finished pony emblems are really nice and we sold one the day we opened the boxes as the customer was standing there watching.

More badges, bulbs and back-up lamp switches.

All these parts and more are to go into stock once we have found room for it all, again.

Moving on to the more familiar territory we have been asked if we can get some more ‘branded’ parts for our more discerning customers. Yep we listened and here is nice Autolite branded dizzy cap.

This specialist parts may not be big seller, but not many suppliers can offer the sheer alternatives of the same parts; colour, make, branded, quality etc. But we aim to please.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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  1. Simon says:

    You have SUCH a load of ideas and spares, well done!!!

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