Shake, Rattle & Roll

We have had some trouble shooting to do this week for customers and to be honest it was pretty evident what the problems were at first look. We have couple of videos and one of which is truly shocking. Turn up the volume and enjoy these little gems.

Customer Cars:

Clutch Judder:

This little lady had an issue with some clutch judder. This can be a worn clutch, face plate, bearings etc. In this case it was all of them! If you want to get your money’s worth this is pretty much the limit.

The prop shaft, gearbox and exhaust were removed before we could drop the gear box out. The flywheel was worn and showed the signs of the judder on what should be a flat surface, this one had a lip where it had worn.

The clutch itself was well beyond worn with bits broken off.

Adam got a “Full” clutch kit straight from the shelf and took it to Yogi in the workshop where he was taking the rest of the worn parts of the car.

Not cheap, but when things get this worn there is no option to replace. Yes, we could of taken the flywheel to be skimmed, but that would have taken lots of time and getting on the cost for a new one!

The bearing for the clutch was worn as well as this video shows.

Suspension Issues:

A customer has brought in their car to us with a diagnosis of it’s making a strange noise from the front.

So we got her up on the ramp and found this on the video below. No words needed!

The trouble of having this much movement invariably lead to worn or damaged parts elsewhere. After seeing this Yogi went off for a cuppa shaking his head. A potential accident waiting to happen, it wouldn’t have been a pretty when this lot would eventually let go!

Water Pump:

Lastly we had a car with a ‘funny noise’ coming from the front with a bit of a water leak. It was quickly nailed down to the water pump and it was replaced. While the worn one was sat on the bench we filmed this for you. It’s a little quiet, but you can hear the worn bearing.

Our Stock:

Adam has now had yet another batch of nice date coded auto and manual gearboxes back from being fully refurbished. All sitting on the shelf ready to go, maybe. However, if you ask Adam if has any gearboxes he will simply say; “Nope, ain’t got none”.

Tip: Like we said last week, get your money out and you might, just might be able to talk Adam into selling one to you. But, don’t hold your breath though unless it’s a proper wad of money.


We have now got a full range of brakes for ’64 to 2020 Mustangs all of the shelf. We also stock the full range of brake conversions by well known and different brands; vented, slotted, drilled or both. We can also offer you different price points from budget ranges to the more discerning customers who demand performance parts that our customers expect.

Cars For Sale;

We have had a great response to our worst kept secret from last week of selling cars. We have now got a nice list of names in our database who are looking for cars from us. We shall now be actively looking to match our customers up when the situation arises.

So, we need to end the post by saying a big “Thank You” to those of you that sent us emails saying you like the idea of “buying with confidence” from us, and could they go on our list buy & sell lists. It seems that cars that are sensibly priced, with a known history, known service record and respected top quality workmanship from Mustang Maniac says a lot when you want to buy a car.

Oops. (A note from the editor)

Last week it was spotted that the post started with a Heineken logo. Their slogan is; “It refreshes the parts other beer’s cannot reach.” It seems as though this was a draft version, see what we did there? The error was quickly replaced with the correct Carlsberg logo. After I had finished writing a hundred lines of “I must not mix my beers up on a blog, and I’m Sorry”, I was allowed back on hallowed blog pages on Mustang Maniac.

Keep Safe everybody as we are on verge of a second wave of Corona 😦

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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4 Responses to Shake, Rattle & Roll

  1. Those videos range on the not so bad to the dangerous! I can assume there was no MOT on that car. Hence why I think classic cars should still have them. There is just ‘something’ about seeing a brand new clutch kit going in. No waiting or ordering, straight of the shelf. Amazing.

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    • We like to show our work that’s for sure. As for the suspension that’s will need to be replaced now as the bolt holes have gone out of shape. You can’t take chances on those sort of things. As for the clutch we have seen some worn clutch in our time, but that was one of the worst we have seen so far.

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  2. Simon says:

    Blimey guys, can you REALLY treat an old classic sooooooo badly???? I understand perhaps the Ford Ka owner who just drives their car to the shops and back, but a Mustang?? Amazing. Keep up the great work!!

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