What’s In a Bag?

Last week we told you about our new postage options. We’ve had a number of emails to say thanks and they will definitely be using the service. Great news for us too and thanks very much for the feedback, which is always appreciated to know when we get things right.


We also mentioned last week about some exciting news for the WebShop. Well, Adam has sourced some original parts from the manufacturers that you couldn’t buy on their own. As such Mustang Maniac can now offer you the option to buy a single bolt if you want. These could be such things like the wheel cylinder bolts, or a caliper bolt which used to only come as a kit with caliper, now we can sell them separately. Is that just plain cool or what? This means making your DIY repairs bespoke and to your budget. Perhaps you want five items and keep one for a spare?

The new WebShop site will be online very soon with a new revamped look where certain items can be selected based on amount numbers. So if you loose a single brake caliper pin, buy the replacement kit or a single pin! You want a single nut and two washers because they into the black hole that is a workshop floor, then we can help.

Adam is really excited about this pretty big step forward for customer engagement. Not only will he offer an option to buy individual items such as washers, bolts, clips, caps nuts etc. they can then be posted out using our new Trial Postage option too. It has to be said that the new postage system will work out the size and weight of the option you ordered and will keep a running total. If you get to the max limit for Parcel Force the system will let you know and courier will then become the cost effect method to dispatch to you.

As Adam sources more of the individually available items the WebShop will be constantly updated with the “Amount” option (where applicable). If you don’t see it for these small hardware items, then we obviously don’t offer the individual item, yet.

Now help us to help you!

We are now producing our own line of products and making kits that can be bespoked which Adam is still looking into for what would be a good option for the customer and sales records.

If you have any ideas for a kit that you would like to see, let us know! It could be on our WebShop a few days later. Providing it can physically can be done of course.


This Motorcraft name that is linked to Ford just like strawberries are to cream. As such Adam has now got “something in place” where he is ramping up is Motorcraft options as well. The concours boys will be pleased with genuine Motorcraft alternators. They are not a cheap hobby compared to other alternatives, but they are brand new items not reconditioned, they are the real deal.

Things like this grey distributor cap, rarely seen let alone kept in stock.

We now also have pre-engaged starter motors from Motorcraft was well. Again brand new not reconditioned. If you want to get rid of that solenoid then try this as the solenoid is now located on the starter. Less weight and neater, not everybody’s taste, but we have already sold two units while they saw one in the workshop ready to be fitted to another car.

Not only are we stocking parts, we are also stocking sundries as well. Things like Motorcraft genuine oils and transmission fluids.

We are still stocking alternatives from suppliers to suite your own taste. A good example is this little sway bar kit we have made up. The same product, but in different finishes.

Individual spark plug or kits? Again we listened to customers who wanted more options on spark plugs, we have platinum, double platinums, standard, racing, black finish, white finish, NOS, you name it, the chances are that we got it. We made these ACDelco kits up ready for a customer.

We think the weeks wait was worth it don’t you. We have more stock items due in this week so we hope to bring that to you as well. (shhh, don’t let on though – Performance upgrade kits?) 😉

Lets just say that Adam has been on a stock spending spree – again!

Keep safe and look after yourselves.

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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4 Responses to What’s In a Bag?

  1. Great to see a business which is genuinely customer driven. Well done.

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  2. Simon says:

    Brilliant!!!! Well done guys…..

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