An Unusual Light Modification

Back to normal with the blog posts now as the Enfield Pageant has finished and we can put our cars away again, until the next show that is. We may do some more locals shows but we are not sure which ones yet. We could even be making a trip to the Santa Pod Drag Strip too, providing Yogi gets his engine back in time. Then his 50 year old car will show the modern boys just how its done, ripping up the track as he goes down it!

Customers Cars

We have had an imported coupe come into us for a little suspension work, well a lot actually. Coming in from a dry USA state, the pros are that there is no real rust to the metal, one of the cons are that the rubbers tend to perish. The suspension was pretty shot and didn’t drive very well at all, so it was decided a fresh setup to replace the old.

While the suspension was out we renewed the fuel lines as well as they had a few dents in them along with a large piece of perished rubber up to the carb. So Yogi does his thing again.

The new suspension perches gone in with new shocks, the springs were more than acceptable for now.

The the car was then set up using our own Geo settings to make these imports work properly in the UK, road tested and rechecked. We have been asked for these Geometry setup guides many times now, the response is always the same from us; No, we wont give out the settings as we had to work them out for ourselves, that’s for each year and model. So please don’t ask us again, (you know who you are).

The car was requested to also have a UK light modification for the side lights and headlights to be in one unit like the modern cars. We thought about it and done the mod while switching over the headlights to the left side of the road UK compliant lenses.

The standard lights were to have side running lights within them and not change the front indicators as per our bespoke LED setup to be white with amber flashing. this was different to what we normally do, but relished the challenge and they came out very well.

Caption This Photo:

OK, it’s official that some of our readers have a gutter sense of humour (as do we), but we can’t possibly post those responses on a family blog. Paul was amused and took it all in his stride as did we, some of those responses amused us no end.

The best response (that we could post); “Yogi wasn’t in here when I last looked” from Brian Rand. Followed by “I really love my tent!” Andrew Grant. By the last comment I think you can guess where the majority of comments were going. 😀

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  1. Loving the light conversion from the sealed bulb idea.


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