A Midweek Jolly

This week we have taken a day out of busy schedule to have a boys day out. We were invited to a very secret location with some pretty tight security attached to it. We had a guided tour and all the wraps were taken of the cars for a better look and we could sit in all the vehicles; American, European and UK. We could open the hoods do what ever we wanted in fact, which we certainly took very full advantage of. We have sat where world-famous and household names have driven those very same vehicles. There are some truly spectacular cars, trucks and vans there in mint condition that looked like they just left their production lines and never been fiddled with or molested with. Some of our own questions were answered as well. We were allowed to take all the photos we wanted, we took over three hundred on the day in fact on just one camera, but we’re not allowed to post them up here for you due to security issues for pretty obvious reasons. In a way it’s a real pity we can’t share them with you, but we must respect the requests of those who allowed us (the honour) to see these priceless vehicles in the first place. The vehicles included the last of the production models off the lines, one of only six cars made, one of only two cars made, prototypes, director owned vehicles, pre production vehicles, world rally cars, sports cars, F1 cars, cars that have appeared on the TV, news bulletins and the subject of some documentaries. Endless vehicles of historic importance where ever we looked, even the original small-scale models used for pre-production sign off by Henry Ford himself had handled we also got to hold. A couple of things we are not even allowed to mention either 😦 We spent the day there and had unlimited access to what ever we wanted; the workshops, fabrication areas, we were even shown how to drive a Model T, we held the original models and the engineers blue prints for some of the most iconic and classic cars Ford has ever made. We even got to grips with the very first workshop manuals, awards, world championship trophies, classic memorabilia, photo albums and plaques for some of the cars too. Such a great day and to be honest overwhelming with so much to see, we could have stayed there for days. We even had a cup of tea made for us.

We can only say a very big Thank You to ‘Boris’ for making it all happen. 

Our Cars

We have been working on the Secret Project Car which has been productive, but it has all been about the panels and ground work ready for the panel prep. So even if we showed you some pics they wouldn’t be any different to the others we have posted so far.

Yogi’s Mach1

Yogi has taken out his engine, gearbox, front running gear, in fact anything from the windscreen forward in fact. He has been working on the underside for a little tidy up and refresh. The old under seal removed, fixed a small patch fixed and red oxide painted wherever he could put it, including himself.

He then prepped the engine bay with red oxide, primer and gave a nice black coat of paint.

The re-assembly has new brake lines, hoses and wireloom wrapping. Even a little ol’ billet battery tray gone in too.

The hood hinges have been freshened up and fitted.

According to Yogi; The engine has been “looked at” and will be on the dyno to “check out a few things”.

We don’t know about you, but the secrecy thing going on in that yard is like something out of spy movie. 😀

Short and sweet this week, back to normal next week.

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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  1. Jolly? More like a dream come true to any petrol head. 😯 so cool as well.

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