New Look For The New Year

Over the next day or so we shall be working hard by updating our little Ol’ Blog behind the scenes. Things may appear and disappear along with some information being updated. Don’t worry the WebShop will still be working as normal so you can order your parts as normal.

The theme we were using is now no longer being fully supported and things started to become problematic with what we wanted to do. With any luck you will see a few subtle changes, but things should look cleaner if all goes to plan.

By the end of tomorrow everything will be working as it should we hope, that is if our media team of geeks stop drinking the beer! 🙂 So if you click on something and it doesn’t work, please try again later. FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter etc. will all need to be configured as well.

Thanks for you patience in the mean time.

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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4 Responses to New Look For The New Year

  1. Looking good so far guys. 👍

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  2. bzerob says:

    A redesign is tedious but rewarding. Hang in there! technology is a beautiful thing ….. er …. most of the time. Look forward to the unveiling! Happy and safe New year too all the whole crew.

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    • Thanks Bob, it’s done now. The object was to make a change to allow the functionality we wanted without to much upheaval as it were. Just a little tidy up can take a whole that’s for sure. Somethings weren’t viewed so they have been relocated elsewhere. Hopefully it just looks a little cleaner and brighter, ut still instantly recognisable as ours.
      Have a great new year Bob and thanks for the reblog as wel. 👍🙂l


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