Mr W. It’s ready!

We managed to complete a couple of cars this week ready for collection, and the tidied up yard has been well received. This week we been working on a rare 1964 1/2 “D” Code 289 coupe. The owner who I am sure wouldn’t mind if we just called him “Mr. W” has not driven her yet, but we know he follows our blog and is eager to see her. So we wanted to let him know “Mr. W. your car is ready”. Of course we can let him know by email or phone, but we thought as the owner is away at the moment what a pleasant way to see your car, on this weeks blog post. The car has had a new Edelbrock Carb and matching intake which is a serious looking piece of bling feed by a new fuel line and HT leads. She has had a master servo upgrade which is always difficult on a manual vehicle as the servo sits slightly higher due to the clutch pedal mechanism through the fire wall. This in turn means the servo has to sit higher so the full split reservoirs will hit the shock towers. To make it fit we have to use a modified modern reservoir that does the job now. It obviously goes without saying our custom-made brake pipes and fittings are in place, the distribution valve is screwed to the inner fender, and not left hanging in thin air like some recent “upgrades” we have had to sort out recently. The front to rear brake balance proportioning valve is easily accessible just under the fluid reservoir where it should be. Front brakes have had their new disc brake conversion fitted. It’s advised to give the car a couple of hundred miles to bed the brakes in properly. We have fitted a NOS fan belt for the correct fitting and size as a nice little touch. There are new performance shocks all round, a new custom exhaust from the headers to the rear which sound very nice. The owner has specified his steering wheel and is now fitted. All in all this is now a safer car and should handle a whole lot better and we are pleased with her. We have added Mr. W’s rarity to our Customer Cars Menu – 1964 1/2 “D” Code or click here for the quick link for all the pictures. You don’t see many of these around so it was a pleasure to work on this one.

We have purchased a new bit of kit for us as it’s always a tired game of hunt the mig before we want to use it. To cut that down we have added new Mig welder from Snap-On to our collection. We were looking forward to using it until we realised that the mig wire has been used up. In theory at least we should have one each now until this becomes the new favourite to be used of course.

Note to self: order more mig wire!


Of course all the parts we have used were from our stock. If you want to have a similar look please visit our Webshop at

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2 Responses to Mr W. It’s ready!

  1. Debbie says:

    I real beauty, LOVE those wheels…very much like Cragars.


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