Enfield Pageant 2014 (Part1)

Part 1 – Traffic lights!

 It’s that time of year again when the event organisers book space for the dedicated Classic car enthusiasts to bring their pride and joy to the classic car shows. Last year was glorious weather and the show was busy. This year the UK bank holiday rain curse hits again. The rain kept a lot people away as they didn’t want to get their cars wet which we can understand of course. The thunder and lightning at one point made the tents very popular. Once the downpour had finished the bright sun came out and people were walking around soaked in the sunshine. Such a strange day. The visitors that did make the effort came to see the war years themed event which was informative, and had a few nice bits of memorabilia in there. On our pitch we had a total of nine cars which included customers cars that had been loaned to us for the show, we would like to thank you very much. Al bought his “Coz I can” Mach 1 with him, we had the equally famous 1000bhp UBB Mustang which was shown on 5th Gear and driven by Vicki Butler-Henderson on the show. The KR replica was there again, we had some great compliments about all the cars and we had a steady stream of photos taken with them. There was our traffic light cars as it was pointed out to us (red, amber & green), and it was also said “I wouldn’t like to come up against any of these at a set of lights!” The Falcon Ranchero was a popular car which we have just had sign written as it’s the company pick up with style. We have taken a number of shots of the pageant around eighty in total with a number in reserve. We will post again over the next few days to make it a more manageable read.

We will start with our cars we had, we had a nice stream of people visiting us and we had a crowd around us at one point that were calling for us to start the UBB up. We did of course oblige and nobody could hear a word! We have a video of it starting up and we will post that on YouTube along with some of the other things we need to post on there as well. Don’t worry we will let you know when we do. Which one is the UBB (in case you didn’t know as we took the stickers off),  it’s the one where the engine is too big to fit under the hood and had a hole cut in the high-rise hood to allow it to shut!

There was a nice selection of trucks at the show, and we took some pics of the more unusual ones:

It was interesting to see the reactions of the visitors to our cars on display, there was the younger generation interested in the UBB and the white Shelby, the older visitors were looking at the classics.  All appreciated the Mustang brand and we even gave away a few of our Mustang Maniac key hooks.

Car that needs no introduction was there from the London Motor Museum:

In part 2 will have some pics of a wonderful Greyhound bus, some American and British classic cars too.

We have added another five wallpapers for you to download and hope you enjoy them. We were asked if there would be more so somebody obviously knew about our new menu for the photos. So as requested the wallpapers are here but also at the Menu bar under downloads.

Quick Links:

UBB 1000BHP on 5th Gear click here

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  1. Thanks for hospitality guys.


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