Car With A Mask

Not much happening this week apart from concentrating on ‘The Pear’ underside. We have also had a couple of service cars in (not Mustangs) but nothing we thought to put on our humble little blog.

Continuing on from a couple of posts ago, we have had some funny text messages/emails and comments about the Mr Good Guy Vs Mr Pratt. Since that post Mr Pratt had ordered the wrong parts that he got on last week, he then tried to blame us as the part didn’t fit. The reason was quite amusing as he said, “The part for the ’76 looked the same as the old one, so I ordered that.” Apparently we should make it clear, that the specific part for a ’76 doesn’t fit any other cars. We think the clue was in the WebShop heading, with the part and the year of the car he was looking at not being the same as his.

We asked Mr Pratt to send all the parts back and we gave him a full refund. We also ‘advised that perhaps another supplier would help him out with his parts requirements going forward’. He has ignored our little hint and has since then emailed us to say that he is unable to order anything from us. Funny that as he has had the “C” button assigned to him and he will not be ordering from us again. We have even advised him that he has been blocked, and he is not happy again. Another email which has since been diverted to the trash mail and any future emails from him. Oh well – never mind.

Customer Cars

The Pear was pushed into our assembly workshop / paint room and we started to mask her up ready for the rest of the underside colours. First the panels were all fully seam sealed and red leaded.

The satin black was sprayed to give the the car its stock look.

The underside has had two coats of the Red Oxide as they would have had probably just one from the factory.

With the protection of Red Oxide dried and in place it was time for the black underseal or stone chip protection to be applied.

Another short & sweet post as work has been time consuming rather than productive turn around. Some weeks are like that and it doesn’t bother us.

The WebShop on the other hand has been the exact opposite, it has just gone mad with orders. We think that now the UK’s lockdown is ‘over’ or eased, the car shows are on the calendar and a lot of cars are getting the pampering they deserve before they go out to meet the public again.

Take Care & Keep Safe

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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8 Responses to Car With A Mask

  1. Keep up the good work fellas. The pear is coming along nicely 👍


  2. Great work as ever guys.

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  3. michael john hunt says:

    Hi Guys, a great job as usual!, but I would like to know if the under body color on the GT 500 Mustang is black as you have shown here, or the Red Oxide color… reason for asking is that the 1/8th scale model by De Agostini is all red underneath, & I would like to know if this is correct or not!
    Michael Hunt

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  4. Simon says:

    Keep it coming boys!!!! When I woz a lad my Dad used to Waxoyl his new car every year and I woz always roped in to help, getting underneath the wings to apply this horrible black stuff!!! Usually the cars were Austin Cambridges and then one Austin 3 litre…..

    Liked by 1 person

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