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Late this week we started the LEED Brake Conversion for FREE on a customers Falcon. We will bring you all the photos of the conversion process once we have finished it. Keeping on that note we have sold most of the LEED Brakes stock which was a little unexpected to be honest. In order to keep up with demand and replace what we had previously ordered, we will have more stock arriving early next week. Thank you for the enquiries about the Leed Brakes products, we were snowed under with emails for a few hours after the last post went up. We don’t think we missed anybody for a response. 🙂

Customers Cars

Ruddspeed right hand drive cars are quite rare and we have been looking after one for a number of years now and a good loyal customer of ours. The car came into us for a pair of front wings as they had gone a little rusty.

The rust was a little advanced to be restored as an economical comparison to a replacement.

We got a pair of new wings from our extensive stock and started the process of test fitting and then getting them ready for paint.

Once the fitting was fitted was confirmed and marked up for some minor adjustments to make sure for a perfect finish, the inside of the fenders were undersealed.

The outside was prepped for the process of underlayers of paint.

The insides of the Ruddspeed cars were done to a great standard at the time and they have certainly lasted the test of time. Seeing one for the first time can make you do a double take.


From our last few posts we mentioned that we have a ’67 shell project on the go. To help with that build we have in stock two amazing kits that we seriously recommend for purchase for a project this size.

These hardware kits are EVERYTHING you need to put together the car. All the screws, fittings washers, bolts etc. and they are all labelled up on where they go.

The first is the Body Kit: Click here for the link, we have all years 64 – 73.

This kit is everything for inside or on the car from the chassis up.

The second is the Chassis Kit: Click here for the link.

This kit is for everything under the car and under the hood.

We will be using these kits as it saves a lot of hassle of ordering parts and the postage associated with it. You can’t go wrong to be honest.


The other new line of stock we have is our very own made progressive sports springs for ’64 – ’73.

These springs give comfort to the ride of the car, yet if you push towards the limits the springs will start to make the handling of the car more sure footed.

If you want to order any of these items they are on the Webshop or drop us an email for more information.

Stay Safe & Take Care

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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