It Could Be Yours…

With the Covid lockdown in place for the second time are being very conscientious of what we are working on in the workshops. So as such there is very little in the way of customer work going on at MM, but the WebShop has stepped up a gear with what it seems lots of those projects being worked on again. It was a similar scenario during the last lock down. Here we have last Monday’s post ready to for their collection. We will be asking you for your opinions on that a later in the post.

For Sale:

Mustang Maniac have been asked again to find a new owner for a customer’s car, this particular car was purchased for someone that just can’t come to terms with a classic car sitting in their garage. So as a Mustang Maniac customer we will endeavour to find them a new owner for the car.

This is a beautiful 1967 Ford Mustang automatic coupe that has had 2 owners in the UK from 2016, originally a san Jose built C code 289 V8, but the car was upgraded to a 351W by its first owner back in 1972. At the same time its original Lime Gold paint was changed for candy apple red but the original black interior remains. The car was imported by pilgrim sportscars from the dry-state of Nevada in late 2015 so the body is super clean and virtually rust free. While the paintwork is very good and show-worthy, its not perfect… But It is certainly a real head turner.

We took a video of the car when we drove to somewhere a little more pleasing on the eye.

The car has had a huge amount of money (£20k plus) spent – mainly on the drivetrain and suspension – over the past four years by previous owners and customers to turn it from an OK cruiser to a proper useable, reliable and fun car that is surprisingly good in the twisty bits as well as being more than capable of long-distance continental runs.

Upgrades fitted include (in no particular order):

  • New 351W ‘mild cam’ crate engine (300hp and plenty of lovely torque) with high rise manifold, Holley 4160 carb and billet pulleys (for a touch of under-bonnet bling) supplied and fitted by Mustang Maniac in September 2019. Mustang Maniac also stripped and fully rebuilt the gearbox. New prop shaft fitted by Hauser Racing in may 2017.
  • Eaton TruTrac LSD (3.00 gears) fitted by Hauser Racing in July 2017
  • Rose jointed stainless steel Monte Carlo bar
  • Stainless steel export brace
  • Timken wheel bearings all round
  • High flow aluminium radiator
  • New power steering arm and pipes
  • Rebuilt power steering pump
  • Stainless steel h-pipe exhaust
  • Bilstien dampers
  • Ford racing front springs
  • Five leaf drop eye rear springs, improving handling while maintaining a perfect stance
  • Uprated 1″ front sway bar (anti-roll bar) reduces roll and massively improves turn-in.
  • Retrosound DAB radio with bluetooth
  • New dashboard trim pieces and new bezels with led instrument lights New door cards and pull handles
  • Classic Cougar small rev counter fitted in place of the clock on dashboard – matches the original instruments perfectly
  • Brightlight Customs LED rear light conversion
  • Brightlight Customs headlamp loom conversion and high output headlamps
  • While the car originally had factory aircon, Mustang Maniac removed the under bonnet elements of that when we fitted the new engine

We took a drive video on the way back to the yard.

£31.995 OVNO message 07980 746617 for more information or a viewing, or contact any of us at Mustang Maniac and we will be able to help you out with any question.

Resto Mod:

Yogi has been working on our Resto Mod Project again this week and we have some more pics of that for you.

The underside has started to get some attention as well, The fact that the bits you can’t see will be as good as the bits you can see.


As we mentioned at the beginning of the post we had some packages to go out, here is that picture;

Thanks to all our customers who have supported us through these difficult times, we really appreciate it. We will continue to do our very best to keep the WebShop up and running although supplies are becoming difficult with the lockdown rules.

However, we had a complaint! Yep, this customer has now been awarded the honour of the “C” button as we were a little gobsmacked at their response.

Basically a new customer had ordered 6 small screws and and complained about the £4 postage and packaging. They sent us an email to ask if the P&P was correct and that they didn’t want to pay that much. We advised that is the cost of the postage and the packaging, but they could always come and pick it up if they wanted. They went on to ask why couldn’t ‘just put them in an envelope with a first class stamp on it, and take it to the post office’. We went on to explain that the post office was miles away, our time and fuel would outweigh the effort and cost of the parts.

The email then took a rather rapid downward spiral saying they are disappointed with our service etc. We did not send the parts and will not deal with this ‘customer’ again. We have given plenty of postage options such as couriers, standard mail, signed for to name a few, but nothing seems to make some people happy.

We’re confused to be honest with you. We would like to know if we were right or wrong.

Please vote with a thumbs up to agree with us, or a thumbs down to say that we should drop everything for a tiny order for an unknown customer on their say so.

Take care and above all, keep safe.

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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6 Responses to It Could Be Yours…

  1. Great post, really enjoyed the video of the car for sale (if only…). I like the story about the customer moaning about P&P costs, must have been very frustrating. I am always amazed at how people treat independent businesses as if they are giant corporations – idiots. I think you did the right thing. Keep up the good work

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    • Thank you. We thought the videos were pretty cool too. 👍
      We don’t want to alienate any customers at all. But sometimes its just not worth the hassle. We gone above and beyond for regular customers to help out. We know the items are only for sale with us in the UK. Otherwise they wouldn’t have come to us in the first place. We are always open about these things, we have introduced new postage on request by customers. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be enough for some. Like you say we are a business, we would loose money on that order and requirement, that is an impossible business model to sustain. Thanks again for your support.

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  2. MB says:

    I hope you are all staying well. I’d like to say that Lockdown 2 has given me lots of time to spend with my mustang, but sadly it hasn’t worked out that way. Looking forward to reconnecting when we are free to do so – stay safe and well in the meantime. Oh, and you guys are completely right about the P&P costs. Those of us who are your regular customers know just how much you do for us. As Churchill said, KBO.

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  3. Debbie says:

    My St. Louis/USA heart will always be there for my petro friends across the pond. All my best. PS if I pay shipping charges is it possible to have the 1967 delivered with a white bow for Christmas? Love you guys. All my best from here.


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