We Don’t Sell Cars – Or Do We??

We have a slightly different post for you where we can make a service of ours more public. there is a great advert by ‘Carlsberg Beer’ where they say; ‘We don’t do (what ever it may be), but if we did…’, then the they show a perfect Utopia for that scenario.

With that in mind Mustang Maniac doesn’t sell cars, but if we did….

(Spoiler Alert: We do!!)

In the trade it’s well known that Adam has some cars, in fact lots of cars! He doesn’t actively sell cars via adverts, Facebook or other social media platforms. However, if you did walk in with a desire for one of his cars, and the money to match that desire, then you can pretty much buy anything from him.

Unlike some other Mustang sellers who simply import the cars, tidy them up a bit and sell them on for straight money profits, we on the other hand actually care about the customer experience and the enjoyment of these cars going forward.

What we offer is unique service tailored for the buyer and the seller. We know so many people as customers, our list of contacts is extensive as you can imagine. Until now this has been a very private process we haven’t made public, but we are now getting more and more requests for our services. So we will put it out there that this is what we now do. Just like some car sales are now selling the easy parts to get hold of, we are now going to open up our services for car parts with car sales too.

Firstly we only sell cars that we know the history of. Cars that we have looked after, serviced or restored for a period of time. When the time is right for the customer they let us know and we deal with it for them. It could be to move onto a different car, buy another car or sell one of their cars, whatever those circumstances may be. We then look through our database to see who is looking to buy or sell a car. We get in touch with them and become the intermediary for the sale. A bit like a Mustang Owners Dating Service for quality cars.

What do we get out of it? Simple, loyal customers who will come back to us again and again. Recommendations for us and more customers.

Here’s a story of the latest sale we facilitated. A unique ’70 coupe which we have looked after for quite a while and we have known the previous two owners, was coming up for sale. The car was nicely converted to a right hand drive with a custom paint job, this is a stand out car in any crowd as it stood.

We had some visitors to our yard who enquired about a car and spotted this little lady. We informed that it was going to be up for sale very shortly and we were doing some pre-sale prep work on her. They were very interested and so we got in touch with our Mustang Maniac Sales Consultant who liaised between the seller and the buyers. The new customers wanted a few things done to the car to make it a little more unique with some satin silver stripes and a scoop to name a couple of things.

We arranged for the car to be customised to their requirements. Once we got it back to the yard we gave the car our now very respected specialist pre delivery detail service, the results are amazing and this is one cracking looking car.

The comparison before and after:

The owners Stacey & John (left and right in the pic below) were pleased with the results and managed to grab a shot of them before they drove away. Adam in the middle with our sales consultant at the front who made it happen for them.

Why buy and sell through us?

A no brainer really. We are the country’s premier Mustang parts supplier to the trade, Ford themselves and of course our customers. When you buy from us you know the following:

  • When we handle the sale for you, we filter out the tyre kickers Sunday time wasters.
  • We have previously worked on the car and know its history.
  • We can supply you with what you need – straight off our very well stocked shelves.
  • We can offer you the countries top after sales advice, parts and service.
  • Above all we care!

We will only sell genuine quality cars at a genuine prices. If you want us to sell your car for you and we haven’t seen your car before, don’t bother to ask us. Those customers of ours who are looking to buy or sell, send Adam an email at sales@mustangmaniac.co.uk to see if we can help you out.

Have you ever brought a car and have to take it somewhere else to be fixed properly? We’ve had plenty of those quick turn around cars from various places through our workshops, putting right other peoples work as we have shown on here many times in the past, without naming names of course. We want you to have the best experience possible with your car for parts, service and now sales providing you meet our criteria that is, why go anywhere else?

Keep Safe.

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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8 Responses to We Don’t Sell Cars – Or Do We??

  1. Brilliant. If i was to buy a car it would only ever be from you guys. Probably the most respected name in the country for parts, service and select sales. Well done guys. That is a great looking car, the owners chose well.

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  2. You’ll never be short of customers if they can buy with confidence.

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  3. Simon says:

    Great looking car guys well done!! BUT what do you think about converting the cars to RHD, is that not removing some of the originality??? Thanks Simon

    Liked by 1 person

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