Las Vegas – Shelby Heritage Center (Pt. 1)

Monday 31st October 2016. After the visit to Scott Drake’s we set of for the next part of the trip to the Shelby Heritage Center. Obviously five petrol heads going to see the home to some of the most iconic cars ever made, we were on a real buzz. There would normally be six of us, but one person who shall remain nameless (Jason) had a heavy night before meeting up with his mates in Vegas, alas he couldn’t join us on our early rise because of self-inflicted health issues, similar symptoms to a bad hang over apparently! This was going to be the first of two trips to the Shelby Center, this first was a trip was as normal customers. Once Adam had a word with the guys at Shelby, we were invited back for a second visit (covered in Part 2), for a very special personal guided tour of the whole factory that took two hours, with unprecedented access to the R&D areas, paint shop, finishing, fabrication and storage all behind the scenes.

The Center itself is home to a stunning collection of cars, a retail shop and the work shop. As you arrive into the huge car park just outside there is a chance to win a couple of Shelby Cobra’s in the name of a good cause. There was of course the obligatory selfie group photo, left to right: Chris, Mart, Yogi, Gary and Adam.


There was also a late Mustang GTE outside just for show to wet your appetite, and something to look at as you wait for the doors to open into the Center.

The retail shop is crammed full of merchandise, you soon come to the decision that you need to by something. That’s everything from key rings to Super Chargers, Wheels and suspension upgrades, or a baseball hat to table and chairs.

There are two guided tours around the museum cars where they will tell you the history of the cars, along with other Shelby related information and does get very busy.



Some of the cars were Carroll’s own every day drivers which still show the signs of wear and tear.

Within the main gallery there are photo’s all around the walls and information of each car, there is even an original artwork of the first designs of the cars.

Moving into the workshop from the main gallery you are greeted by a retaining waist-high wall which is covered in signatures which is encouraged by the factory to sign in, when that got full the wall was used, when that got full the floor was used. Adam found last years visit:

Then Yogi added his paw print for this years visit; We will add to the wall again, but in big style only the way Mustang Maniac know how! More on that in Part 2!

The view from the wall looks across the factory floor, onto the cars in various stages of build.


There was a right hand drive conversion waiting to go to Australia.

At one end of the wall near the museum there is another collection of important cars where the tour continues to explain all about them including the first GT350.

After our walk round we made the odd purchase or two and got back into the van for the next visit of the day. Something pretty special in the world of engineering and it’s not car related!

We have attached the details of the Shelby Center here for you, in case you want their details. For any petrol head out there this is a must see on the bucket list!

Shelby American, Inc.
6405 Ensworth St.
Las Vegas, NV 89119
Toll Free: (844) 9 SHELBY (844-974-3529)
or call (702) 942-7325

The Shelby Heritage Center and Carroll Shelby’s Store are open:
Monday through Saturday :- 9:30am – 6:00pm
Sunday :- 10:00am – 4:00pm

Free Guided Tours:
Mon-Fri 10:30am and 1:30pm
Saturday 10:30am

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4 Responses to Las Vegas – Shelby Heritage Center (Pt. 1)

  1. Sean Fraser says:

    wow fantastic shots great blog

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you very much Sean, we have plenty more to come on the Shelby Heritage Center, most of it will be exclusive photos you virtually will never see. Not forgetting lots more from Las Vegas and surrounding areas.☺👍👍

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Gary W says:

    Great blog, great trip! Huge thanks to Adam for making it all possible and the rest of ‘the boys’ for their special part in making it an unforgettable experience – never to be forgotten (wallets, watches, state troopers, Russians, Australians, snoring, beer and chicken wings). Seeing all the people from across the world that Adam knows, watching him in action and the places he manages to gain access for us to see… not bad for a “small Mustang parts dealer” 🙂 …..fantastic!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Gary. It certainly was a fantastic trip. I believe that from all of the six blokes we never had a cross word uttered, just lots of laughter. Your memorable list is spot especially as we all knew ‘Pam”. It will take some beating that trip for sure. The stories will be told for many years to come that’s for sure. 😀👍👍


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