Breakfast With An Ol’ Friend

At Mustang Maniac we love our job, we enjoy working on the cars and we enjoy the satisfaction to know that our customers are pleased too. This week an unexpected visitor turned up to see us again; the legendary Mastic Mustang ’67 Convertible. We sort of grew quite attached to this car considering how bad she was when she came in first time around. The car arrived with the top down looking pretty cool with the threat of rain to follow shortly. So we quickly found a covered space in a secure area for now, just in case.

mastic54Yesterday the sun was out and we needed to road test her again as she had developed a small over heating  issue which we wanted to sort out. So what better way than to drive to a local pub first thing who serves a really great full English breakfast. After filling ourselves up and getting set for the day, we drove a little more and parked up at a garden centre for a couple of bits, just because we could. Although this may sound strange, but we are simulating the short drives she currently gets to try to replicate the issue. We didn’t have any issues so far with over heating, but something is not one hundred percent how we like it as the gauge did creep up a little. We found a nice open area to park up and before we knew it we had cars parked next to her and people taking pics, so we did too.

A couple of good questions came our way from a lovely chap, he asked about the interior so we said that this is not a “Pony Interior” as that was the previous few years, this was now called a “Deluxe Interior”. The trunk rack was an optional extra that we fitted for the customer, an unusual option, but we like it and it definitely suits this car.


What a fantastic way to start the day, Sun out, sound of a V8 rumble, convertible and wind in your hair, all just chilling with an old friend.

Customer Cars

Yogi has been a busy bear starting to assemble the French convertible that we picked up from last week. The pressure is to get this car back together again ready for a show, so it’s all hands on deck to get the lady ready where we can. But, we will not rush a job just to get it out the door and the owner is aware of that fact. Safety and quality of our work speaks for itself. The back of the car has been almost completed now and so far everything is going well and we are on schedule.

The upgraded SPAX gas adjustable shocks all round been fitted.

The front upgraded sway bar, springs, disc brakes are now all in place.


Our Gas Monkey Challenge!

We like to think that we are up for any challenge that comes our way, from reading our Blog you will know that we have had a few challenges in the past. We had a phone call to say that we going to be given a non-rolling chassis Mustang. We had no more than three days to get the wheels on the chassis, body panels for the hood, trunk, rear quarters and front fenders. Yogi & Adam said it wont be perfect, but suspected that it could be moved. Apparently we didn’t need to do any electrics either. Three days, are we mad?? Oh, we were only allowed one spanner! Obviously that was successfully challenged should we say, stating that no way can it be done with only a single spanner. So, the rules were relaxed with two ratchets each, a set of sockets and a rack of spanners and a screw driver of our choice – if you wanted that is. If we wanted? Are they mad now? The challenge was dubiously accepted with some head scratching and chin rubbing as to what was going to arrive at the yard. The car was expected some time on Saturday. Preparation and discussions at a secret location, OK it was in a workshop, the bare essential tools were readied as agreed. They cheated a little with the screwdriver as the extra “bits” were not mentioned so therefore not excluded. The “set” of sockets was elaborated appon as they all came as a “set” on the tray. Good lateral thinking from the guys to get a edge where they can.


We were told the car was five minutes away. Spaces were cleared and Chris walked in, alone. “Where’s the car?” With that he reached in his bag and pulled out the car! It was indeed a Mustang GT, a little newer than we expected though.

We’re not sure if it was a laugh of relief or not, but an impromptu adult conversation took place. 😉 Anyway, the challenge was still on and the task was palmed over to a secret, now sub contracted LEGO builder. Due to the fact that this was recommended for ages 7 – 14 yrs, the guys were going to be challenged as they would have to follow a set of instructions to build it. Everybody knows that the unwritten rule in a man cave is – you don’t read instruction manuals. Gloves were off… (well after the photo at least!)

The clock started. The first part was to build was the lap timer and the guy with the single spanner, we shall call him “Enos”.

The chassis building was going well now and the initial bout of not being able to see the small parts was overcome!

She was coming together. Tea break was required after the front and rear quarters were assembled. Next up the front end, hood and trunk. This was getting tricky now as the tiny stickers need to be added.

Wheels, exhausts and tyres up next with more pesky little stickers.


With the car completed and Enos now in the vehicle, the clock stopped after 1 hour and 14 minutes. Not bad considering there was fifty-one pages of instructions.

All we can say is that LEGO has moved on in the decades since we last had seen it. Well done Lego. So Gas Monkey, you take weeks to build a car, we had three days, we smashed that and done it in less than two hours! 😀

Ford Fact Time:

Back by popular demand we have a couple of facts for you.

Q: What is the link between Kermit the Frog and Henry Ford?

A: Henry Ford disliked and disagreed with US President Roosevelt and his politics…Roosevelt had a son called Kermit…who incidentally had a frog puppet named after him in the “Muppet Show”!

Q: What has Henry Ford and Brazil got in common?

A: In the 1920’s Henry Ford worried that the world rubber production was dominated by British plantations. Considering 50% of the worlds car sales at the time were model T Fords – all needing at least 4 tyres, he bought 2.5 million acres (the size of Tennessee) of Brazilian rainforest along the banks of the Amazon to plant with rubber plants to create his own rubber supply. He built a whole city with schools, churches, shops etc. and named it Fordlandia.  Unfortunately it was not a success.


Already we have sold a number of SPAX shocks and seem to be popular as we suspected they would be. They can be found on the WebShop or click here to go straight there.


Our blog will need to have to get an upgrade shortly, so keep an eye out for that soon.

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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  1. camerapacker says:

    I enjoy your blog loads, It is brilliant and I do not know how you make the time to do the blog. If I lived in the UK, I would probably haunt your shop camera in hand.


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