Stock Queries

A busy week at Mustang Maniac as ever with lots of things going on behind the scenes. We have been taking many orders now online which is good news for customers and for us. Why? Simply because the stock system updates the the dispatch department, so the order is sent straight out, no need to take phone notes check the stock and pass the the order on. The feedback has been very positive as a result we are glad to say, so thanks to those who have let us know. The majority of queries we are getting at the moment is regarding our NEW popular “Enos” range of products. We are updating the stock and listing the items on the WebShop as we go along. You can also do a search for Enos to see all the range so far and the current stock levels. The examples below show the range and if the product is in stock or not.

The range has proved very popular, the outside mirrors especially having already sold our complete stock. We may be getting some more, but, it’s not guaranteed. If you are after something specific keep checking on the WebShop for the Enos Range or send us an email.

Customer Cars

Acapulco Coupe has had a few questions asked about it here at the yard as well as by email, we try to help out where we can with the questions. The first question we had was the shiny carb now in place. The original 2v carb was replaced with a a Holley four barrell version. The car had sat around for well over a decade and the jets had gummed up along with the fuel pipes, the diaphragms perished and the choke was not working. We decided with the owner, that by the time the parts had been replaced and time spent on it would be cheaper for a nice new one. The other plus part is it’s super polished and looks amazing, it’s a shame to put a big airfilter on it. So the carb was replaced with another 600CFM model (cubic feet per minute). Much more than that on a 289cid could cause “cylinder wash”, or “bore wash” or “fuel wash”. This is a scenario where the cylinders are flooded with fuel which washes away the oil trend dry metal on metal wear takes place. Noisy start ups, fail to start etc. There are formulas to work out displacement vs CFM, planting a big heavy carb on top of your engine may give you bragging rights, but may not improve your engine performance.


We have the before and after pics here.

And the close ups.

The follow up to that is Holley or Edelbrock carbs? There is so much debate we couldn’t comment one way or the other. Different mechanics have different ideas, and what works on one car may not be as good on another. How’s that for sitting on the fence? 🙂

The second question was the steering wheel. Mart bought one of our Enos covers for the 15″ wood wheel to stop any damage or dirt getting on the wheel. A good idea for road tests and shunting around the yard. At £8.40 inc VAT, they are a good solid fit, don’t slide around the wheel and very good value for money. They are much heavier and better than some that cost a lot more. In fact the cover on shown here was put on before we even had a chance to get it on the WebShop.

The best part is the cover doesn’t look out of place either.

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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