Hot Lap

Weather has perked up at long last again and looks like the summer is back and it’s hot we are glad to say. before we get going, we have an update on the guessing game last week. The true story was the crash in the car looking at the lovely lady. Why do we need to tell you this as it was pretty obvious? Well, somebody kindly emailed us and asked if the picture of the toddler on the engine really was Yogi. It’s not the legendary Yogi, we said it was though. Only kidding we didn’t. 🙂 We do think they were winding us up too.

A brilliant link sent to us from our good friend Gary where you can sit in the new Mustang on a hot lap of Silverstone. You can ride the inside cam with all around 360 views by moving your mouse around, bumper cam or helicopter cam, it really is amazing. You will need a fairly up to date browser to make it work, if not there is also a link to the YouTube video of it by clicking here. Click the picture below to go to the Ford page where the fun begins! Press the start engine button and move the mouse to view all around the car or just watch the driver. We love it.


To read all about the car click here to go to Ford’s online page.

Customer’s Cars:

We have some nice cars in this week and Yogi has been busy with a nice 66 Fastback with a gearbox swap out. The original top loader was replaced with another top loader 3+E. This should give a nice top end cruise similar to that of the 5 speed boxes of today. This type of upgrade certainly makes a difference to the car especially the fuel economy. This car drives as good as it looks and cruises beautifully.


Chris’ i6

The weekend work has been coming along and Chris is getting into his stride now. Rumour has it that Chris has got a job lot of paint brushes in now from a well know auction site! He is going to need them with all the red lead painting that needs to be done. He even got to satin black coating the parts before we got to take a pictures of the progress of the red lead. But we have the previous pics – he can’t hide anything here. 🙂


With the parts drying in the glorious sun they were on a table, we did say to him that it looked like he was getting ready to have a car boot sale. Keeping with the spirit we did offer to give him £5 the lot, but the man wasn’t having any of it though.


Acapulco Blue Coupe

The weather-stripping has been going on this week and last weekend too. It’s amazing what a difference a little bit of rubber can make on the car. We also got out the new Ford tooled dash pad arrive and that is now fitted and the inside of the car looks like things are starting to happen. Yes we did see Mart run up to the box and give it a hug!


Door weather-stripping


Trunk Weather stripping, we have a tip of the trade here; We marked up the exact location of the trunk with masking tape down the brackets before we removed it. In theory aligning them back up again should be dead simple and be in exactly the same place.

A little lady that has been wrapped short-term until some of the other cars have been collected.


 We have a fantastic  an unexpected testimonial from Gary via email:

“Adam and the team, with a very special mention to Al, have had my car for a few weeks to carry out its annual inspection, MOT and to fix some jobs they had discussed with me last year. Having just collected it from them today (Fri 07/08/2015), it runs better now than it ever has thanks to the care, attention to detail and ‘other magic’ they know. As usual the whole process has been completely painless – it’s a great feeling to know that the people looking after my old car think as much of it as I do…so I have absolutely no worries leaving it in their capable hands. This time they completed all the jobs on my list as well as rectifying a few more that I never realised were an issue, thus saving me from future trouble. I would strongly recommend Adam and the Mustang Maniac team to anyone wanting proper experts to look after all their Mustang needs….then you can simply leave them to it in the knowledge they will always do what’s best for these lovely old cars”

Gary – Retired Ford Motor Company Director

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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3 Responses to Hot Lap

  1. Cool link guys. Nice one 🙂


  2. Debbie says:

    I knew Mart had a big heart! Also, loved the video. It kind of gets me going because that’s the inside of my car! Looks to me that the engine is the same as mine. Do you suppose it was driven in Track Mode!?


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