New Mustang 2015

The ultimate day out!

This week has been an exceptional week and we can’t wait to explain why; our good friends at Ford UK have given us an ultimate petrol head’s treat. In recent weeks and months we have been collaborating with Ford UK on a project(s) they are working on. We like to think we have earned their trust and as a result we have been speaking to them about various things as a result. Those conversations have developed into a great relationship being formed, as a result we have been invited to very, very special guided tour. Before the trip was arranged, it was on the strict understanding that the location we were to visit must remain secret and details of the vicinity also remain undisclosed. This was clearly understood by us, so before you ask, we will not tell you where, how  we got to there, or even how long it took us to get to the location. Upon arrival security was high on the agenda as you can imagine. The location is home to an Alladins cave of vehicles that petrol heads around the word would go week at the knees to see, from the first Fords made, to the word famous rally cars, commercial vehicles, models and prototypes. All we can say about the location of these fabulous, famous and pristine vehicles is that this is not a museum, they are lined up, raised on blocks, stored and cared for with their own work areas to tend their every need. We were given the honour of unwrapping some of their cars to take photo’s. Some of the cars were just as they were when they won races or came off the production lines. We will ask Ford’s permission to show some of these special cars in a future post once we have made sure the photo’s are secure from a security point of view. The ultimate purpose of our trip was to take a private look at the latest prototype: Mustang 2015. Yes, you did read that right, we have been given unlimited access to Ford’s much-anticipated Mustang with the 50th anniversary very much in mind. We have sat in it, driven it and inspected every nut and bolt. We have seen things the press have not been able to see; we have photos that have been taken and held away from our servers but we will not publish as its Ford intellectual property.

 2015 front and back 

Interior shots



We are privileged to be the some of the first people outside of Ford to have such unrestricted access and we can say this vehicle is a winner. We believe it will sell well and be a big thorn in the side for the other luxury company manufacturers, and the performance is amazing at the expected cost it will be sold for. We would certainly go for the 2015 over one of the German marquee brands, that’s for sure. Again we can’t give too many details away, but it sounds as good as it drives as well. We will not give a motoring review as that is not fair for Ford; we will leave that for the professional journalists. What we will say is those lucky journalists are in for one hell of a treat. There will be various options under the hood, and we are impressed with what we have seen. Ford have created what we believe is another classic that will be proud to sit beside the other existing classic pony cars. 



During our tour away from the cars we have seen the original plaque taken from the Ford offices, we even got to sit in Henry Ford’s chair in the office mock-up of how it was way back when.

We would like to publicly thank Ford UK for their generous hospitality, time and above all trust in allowing us to see their Fantastic Ford collection that only a select few lucky people get to see.

Thank you Ford UK



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  2. Great post on the new 2015! I am saving my pennies for a Boss 302. Thanks for checking out my blog as well guys!


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