Very Diplomatic

A Rare Official Embassy Vehicle

Another very busy week trying to get things cleared as much as we can before Christmas. This week we have had another very unusual car arrive at our garages to give it our once over. This car is all original and what makes this car unique is its history. The car was once used by a diplomats for a certain foreign embassy, to be chauffeur driven around or to be used by the officials themselves. This car is in superb condition and still has the tell-tale flag fittings in place on the front wings. BMW’s have made some great cars in the past and this is a perfect collectors car with hardly any work needing to be done on it. We’re not sure if the mats in the car are from the embassy, but we like to think so! Like we have said a few times before, it’s not quite our normal muscle car madness, but this is well worth the mention on our blog.

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