Royal Fail(ed) – Again!

We knew it was unfair that our customers should suffer for Royal Mail’s complete lack of aptitude. We tried ringing them during the day as well as a business customer complaint – nothing was happening. A complaints department sitting in an air conditioned office we suspect, not even picking up their phone.

So we all decided shortly after the earlier post that we would take the packages ourselves to the depot so that they could be processed. We had a wasted trip. They (being Royal Mail) had padlocked the gates to the depot! Honestly we couldn’t believe it and here’s the proof – taken at 3.30pm today.

So we wasted our own fuel trying to do THEIR job which we have already paid for.

We’re sorry again, but we are trying and doing our best to help out our customers. So we are now left with a large sack of items to go out with nobody to handle them. That sack will become two large sacks tomorrow. Perhaps Royal Fail should ‘sack’ some of the idiots that make these ridiculous decisions!

If tomorrow is as hot if not hotter as they keep saying, then I suspect they will want another day off. This is the woke world that we have all been told is now acceptable. It’s not. Royal Fail you need to buck your ideas up and fast.

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1 Response to Royal Fail(ed) – Again!

  1. Simon says:

    Contact a serious company like UPS, DHL or whatever??? Mail Boxes Etc also works well.


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