The Boys Go Racing

We went racing! The Mustang Owners Club Of Great Britain organised a private meeting at the UK’s premium drag strip – Santa Pod on 31st July 2020. Mustang Maniac and friends attended and the event was at max capacity. The only way to social distance here was to put as much space between your car and the car in the next lane.

This is one of them posts that needs no words to explain what is going on. Yogi was there trouncing the opposition in the Classic Car category with a two wins; the first for ‘Fastest Time for a Classic’ of 11.9, the second ‘Highest Speed for a Classic’ at 115mph.

Yogi with his trophies for those best times of the day 🙂

Well deserved wins, but behind the scenes though he wasn’t that happy with his times, he has scoured the data and again down to no grip of the line. Yogi is now looking for some better tyres after these ones were pretty much racing slicks now.

All of the pictures taken here are all courtesy of Chris Tilley from Drive Photography His Facebook can be found here. Thanks Chris for some great shots and allowing us to use them.

We have tried to include everybody who was there racing or not, so in no particular order here was our day of racing in some hot conditions! Although the heat helps with the grip, it doesn’t help with the combustion power.

Does this picture remind you of a certain Tarantino film?

If you look closely there was even a few non Mustangs joining the fun too.

Adam took along a Ford of course, this time it was his much loved Mercury, just to mix things up a bit, as you do.

The view that most people saw that day?

Everybody played nice on the day and a fantastic atmosphere, no Ford/Chevy rivalry OK, just a little bit. The awards were said to ‘Fixed’ as Yogi increased his house insurance for more silverware! But, the timing sheets don’t lie!

A huge ‘Thank You‘ to everybody who organised the day out from the MOCGB and everybody who took part, either running the strip or just watching.

Roy; book us in for next year! 😀

Other News:

As we bask in mini heatwave the classic cars come out to play of course. At the offices yesterday we had four convertibles turn up pretty much at the same time. All wanting different things which we sorted out for them.

We have to ask a quick question though; Is there a way to go cruising on a hot day, wind in your hair and a v8 rumble and America’s iconic Mustang? We couldn’t think of a better way either. 🙂

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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9 Responses to The Boys Go Racing

  1. Awesome pics. Looks to be a good day out. Well done Yogi, can’t say it was a surprise though. 😜👍👍

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  2. Thanks for coming to our MOCGB Santa Pod race day guys. Organising this was a little tricky at times with the ever moving Cov-19 rules but we got there in the end. Thanks also to MM for sponsoring the trophies… great to have the UKs premier Mustang Specialist get behind the longest established & largest UK Owners Club for Mustangs.
    Every one had a fantastic day – thanks for your support.

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  3. Simon says:

    AMAZING photos well done that man!!!! Sounds like alot of fun!! May I suggest with tongue in cheek that Yogi could improve his sprint times if he er reduced the bulk just a little hehehehehe.


  4. camerapacker says:

    Looks like great fun and I love the px.

    Liked by 1 person

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