The Flying Bathtub

We have said before that here at Mustang Maniac we get many requests to look at unusual cars if they are good customers. This time a customer has asked us to look at his car which is called the “Flying Bathtub”. The car itself is based on the Reliant Kitten, chassis, engine and transmission. The Wheels are from an Austin 7.


The engine had some serious problems due a to piston ring disintegrating itself damaging the chamber. The cost to rebuild the engine outweighs the cost of a replacement, so we have swapped the engines over.


Yogi was constantly heard to be growling “Where is the rest of the engine?” 🙂 Seriously though, we had to set up the valves and timing in order to make it run properly, then it’s off for a proper road test when the weather is dry.

The car is a fun little thing and draws a few glances. Not quite our usual five litre or more cars, more like 850cc or 51ci (for our friends across the pond), producing a 40bhp which is enough to push this all aluminium shell down the road.

Adam said he would even take a friend with him on the road test!


Adam’s Question:

“What’s the difference between men and boys”?


“Men have bigger toys”!

Adam has bought his biggest truck yet over from the States. The rumour has been rife with the potential name for this beast of a truck. Somebody who shall remain nameless (yep, it was Yogi), started the rumour off that the truck was going to be called “Yogi”. Apparently the reason is that it’s yellow, like Yellow Stone Park where Yogi lives and and it’s big! Nothing to do with it being bad ass truck and sound likes an angry bear being branded on its back side then! Adam did say that “people tend to get out the way when they see this coming”. We thought that was an under statement. 🙂


Customer Cars:

A little more work on the John Wick car adding some nice touches to the engine. She started up spot on and sounds awesome as you would expect. The new carb is now in place and set up in the garage. We will need to put a few miles on her and tweak with final adjustments when the engine is under load. We have also added a heater matrix isolation valve, rocker covers and engine pip[e work. We are very pleased with the car so far.


About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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6 Responses to The Flying Bathtub

  1. Gary W says:

    Seeing the great blog on the flying bath tub it struck me that it looks like Adam has “put the car on” rather than got in it! It also got me thinking about last week’s item on ‘bespoke’ and while the bath tub clearly is a proper example of bespoke, we seem to be swamped now with often used words like ‘bespoke’, ‘handmade’, ‘barn find’, ‘easy project’ and the old chestnut of ‘patina’. When used properly these words can add real excitement to a classic car….but if you do come across a bespoke, handmade old mustang that’s an easy project with lots of patina that’s also in a barn then be very careful..and you may well need Mustang Maniac to help find out its real condition.


    • Thanks Gary, but we think Ellie was the only other passenger who would fit. There’s it a lot of room in there. You are so right about the “bespoke, handmade, one off” scenario that gets gets used over and over again. The words seem to be used as an excuse for the car. Ever otice how all these “barn finds” have pumped up good looking tyres? We have seen them all, barn finds, restored, and Imports that are all scrap value or junk. We can repair or make most things, like you say; be careful when words like that are thrown around, it can hide a multitude of sins.


  2. camerapacker says:

    Flying Bathtubs is great.


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