Our Metal Mustang

We’re back and after a week as I suspected it’s raining. I have come back to pile of phone messages and it has taken a couple of days to get back into the routine of work. We have bought back some nice stuff from the SEMA 2013 show and have made a few more contacts over there again. What becomes of that we shall see as those relationships develop.

The guys here have been doing a great job with the current projects on the go. The KR replica project has started full time so I will post some pictures of that project very soon. The other project that has been waiting for the jig is the “Mastic Mustang“, now the car is finally on the jig she is coming along as we expected and not too bad. As we are cutting away sections and floor pans out, it’s critical that the body stays in shape especially for a convertible and there is no other way than support the car on a proper jig.

We now have in our yard that has just arrived, a great example of a rare 1946 Mercury Eight (flat head) from New Zealand build by Ford. We will be doing a little engine work on her and we will post some pictures of this excellent condition car once we upload them. We think it will be worth the wait!

New functionality for us is a laser cutter for some of our metal fabrication. Being a typical bloke you can’t help but have a little play, so here is a photo from one of the office windows that has a Metal Mustang logo we produced (just because we can). There is a very small slightly tongue in cheek difference on this metal Mustang compared to the original. Anybody spotted it?


We have another happy customer we are pleased to be dealing with, he has had some updates done on his Gulf Stream Aqua coloured ’65 Coupe from the Ford ’68 colour chart, it certainly looks the part. This Coupe has had a front brake disc conversion, new power brake servo, pony interior, 17″ American racing wheels and a Shelby grille. One of the best parts of this 289ci auto is the sound from the twin Flowmasters. We will be having her back soon for the LED lights upgrade and some work on the upper control arms.

You can see more of the Gulf Stream under the menu: Customer Cars – Gulf Stream or click here for the quick link.

Quick links:

Customer Cars – ’67 Mastic Mustang Convertible. Click here, we have a couple of pictures here for you of what we have been up too on her.

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A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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