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New product in stock – Gibbs Brand Lubricant

Here at Mustang Maniac we are offered many products to promote or sell, in fact to many to mention, as a result we try quite a few and recommend very few. Just over a week ago we said watch this space. Well, we are very pleased to announce that space has been filled with Gibbs Brand Lubricant. After we have tried it and tested it we can safely say that we all here agree it does exactly as it says on the tin. As a result we are now stocking this amazing product and we thoroughly recommend it for your car, house, boat or just about anything. In case you have not heard of the Gibbs Brand here are some details of the history and some of it’s uses, and it’s not just about cars. The uses are honestly endless read on and see for yourself: Gibbsbrand

What is Gibbs Brand Lubricant?

Gibbs Brand is a revolutionary, patented product with many unique features. It works in all temperatures to clean and eliminate corrosion, to penetrate, waterproof, and to lubricate all metals and mechanical hardware. It’s even safe to use on many other materials including plastics and rubber. It leaves no sticky dirt attracting residue and can even be painted-over! Contains no:- Silicones, Waxes, Acids, Corrosives, Teflon, Graphite, Abrasives, Arsenic, Kerosene, Perfumes, Carcinogens or Synthetics.

History of Gibbs Brand Lubricant

Paul Gibbs, when working as a chemical prototype engineer in the early 1970’s used his vast knowledge in the industry to develop a revolutionary multi-purpose lubricant and metal conditioner for commercial use in the marine, aerospace and motor industries. Because the product he perfected contained none of the chemicals that the competitive market utilized, Paul was able to get the product patented. After intense testing, Gibbs Brand Lubricant became the first patented product of its kind in the world. Over it’s lifetime Gibbs has been used by NASA, Rockwell, UPS, Ford Motor Co., Bell South, Burlington Industries, and many other companies around the world. Gibbs was put to use by Jacques Cousteau on his world famous underwater expeditions. In the 1990’s the weapons industry became Gibbs Brand’s largest market and still is today. Now being used by the military, police departments as well as weapons enthusiasts. Gibbs Brand has become the ultimate cleaning agent for guns. Because of its thin viscosity and rust-inhibiting capability, Gibbs eliminates jamming and keeps moving parts friction free.

Motor Vehicles – Maintenance & Restoration

Can be used as an engine ‘easy-start’ spray – even on two-strokes.

  • Will water-proof ignition leads and electrical systems
  • It will clean corroded electrical contacts & relays
  • Cleans and protects alloy wheels, leaving no sticky residue. See below for more info
  • Will not only clean metals such as aluminium and stainless steel, it will also help prevent further marking when handled.
  • Lubricates telescopic aerials without attracting more dirt.
  • Restores plastic trim.
  • Rejuvenates weathered and faded fibre-glass
  • Spraying the underside of a car will protect it, particularly from road salt in winter.
  • Frees-off sticky Ignition and door locks
  • Eliminates squeaky hinges
  • Lubricates throttle cables and linkages
  • Engine cleaning and detailing
  • Tar and glue removal
  • Protects Magnesium components such as wheels and gearboxes from corrosion – Porsche owners are using Gibbs Brand to protect the many precious Magnesium components on their cars.


All types of road wheel can benefit from treatment with Gibbs Brand. BARE ALLOY  Wheels including Magnesium (which is very prone to corrosion) can be protected by regular treatment with Gibbs Brand. Leaving them with a long-lasting natural sheen.

POWDERCOATED / LAQUERED ALLOY wheels can suffer badly when the coating is chipped or scratched. Treatment with Gibbs will prevent water from penetrating under the coating and prevent unsightly blistering. CHROME / PLATED wheels suffer badly in our climate. Gibbs will provide an invisible layer of protection even in the harshest conditions. Because of its non-sticky nature, wheels treated with  Gibbs Brand will stay cleaner for longer. Brake dust and road dirt will be easier to remove. It also leaves a natural, invisible sheen. It won’t quickly wash off and its effects are long-lasting. Use it on tyre walls as well, for a natural finish.

Gibbs Brand Sponsored Shelby Mustang Photo-shoot 

magazine shoot 011 zzz The Gibbs Brand sponsored Shelby Mustang was out today dodging showers in Dunmow Essex for a photo-shoot arranged by Classic American car magazine for an up-coming feature all about the historic FIA race car.

magazine shoot 006 magazine shoot 008

STUF 186 STUF 175

magazine shoot 005 STUF 188

Industrial & Commercial Applications

Stainless Steel With more and more use of stainless steel for wall cladding and hand rails etc in the work place and recreational areas such as shopping centres, finger-marking and smearing is becoming a great problem. There is a solution – Gibbs Brand will not only clean surfaces but make them much more resistant to further marking.

Gibbs Brand Is truly multi-purpose due to the unique way Gibbs Brand works, means that it has a huge amount of applications in industry, many of which compliment each other: Lubricant / Corrosion Inhibitor Gibbs Brand’s ability to lubricate without leaving a sticky, dirt attracting residue is particularly useful in polluted and dusty environments. Machinery that is prone to clogging and jamming will run for longer when lubricated with Gibbs. Bare metal cutting tools will stay cleaner and remain corrosion-free. Corrosion Inhibitor / Surface Cleaner When treated, bare-metal stock such as sheet steel and castings can be preserved from corrosion and handled without leaving corrosive finger-marks. Finished metal articles of all sizes can be cleaned, leaving a natural finish that is resistant to staining when handled. Gibbs will not interfere with any subsequent painting processes. Gibbs Brand’s cleaning abilities means that is extremely useful as a ‘prep-fluid’ for soldering and welding Penetrant / Lubricant Gibbs Brand is an extremely fast-acting penetrant;- speeding-up the stripping and overhauling of machinery and equipment, particularly when dealing with heavily corroded or seized components. Water-Proofer / Water Dispersant / Cleaner Not only is Gibbs Brand a water-proofer it is also a water-dispersant and contact cleaner, meaning that only one product is needed to deal with items such as external junction boxes used in the electrical and telecommunications industry. Gibbs Brand works in all temperatures, will not gel or leave a sticky dirt attracting residue, plus you can even paint over it!

Hand Tools and Power Tools

Note: Never use while electrical appliances are plugged in or live when spraying Use GIBBS BRAND to drive out moisture from wet power tools. Lubricates bearings and cleans electric motor brushes. It will not leave a sticky, dirt-attracting residue, or jell in cold weather. All types of hand tools will benefit from GIBBS BRAND’S ability to clean and lubricate without leaving a sticky, dirt-attracting residue. A wipe over with Gibbs will loosen any surface rust and will leave a thin film that will prevent rust in the future.

Around the House

Use Gibbs Brand to:-

  • Clean UPVC window frames and doors to maintain their colour and make them resistant to weathering. It will also lubricate and protect their locks and hinges – particularly useful in the salt-laden air of coastal areas.
  • Free-off and give clean, long-lasting lubrication to door locks, pad-locks and hinges.
  • Un-sieze even the most stubborn nuts and bolts and fasteners of all types.
  • Make curtains run smoothly by cleaning and lubricating rails and poles
  • Buff and rejuvenate tired and stained fibre-glass baths.
  • Clean chrome and stainless taps and fittings.
  • Remove finger-marks from stainless steel and aluminium appliances and splash-backs in the kitchen and around the house. It will leave a natural sheen that will be resistant to further marking.
  • Clean, buff  and protect tiled and ceramic floors.
  • Remove tar and glue residue.

In the Garden & Garage

         Use Gibbs Brand to:-

  • Free seized padlocks and keep them lubricated and opening smoothly
  • Make garage door mechanisms run more free.
  • Protect and lubricate all hand and power tools, particularly bare metal items such as drill-bits and saw blades.
  • Start stubborn petrol lawn-mowers / strimmers etc by using Gibbs as an ‘easy-start’ fluid – even safe on 2-strokes.
  • Clean and protect barbeques etc particularly during over-winter storeage.
  • Protect and water-proof outside light switches junction boxes and wiring.
  • Eliminate squeaky hinges and sticky locks of all types

Power Boats, Sailing Boats and Fishing Boats

Gibbs Brand will not wash off in fresh or salt water making it the ideal lubricant for boats, trailers and dockside equipment. Cleans and revitalizes the surfaces of fibreglass and marine metals, including aluminium, stainless, chrome, bronze, brass, and copper. Water-proofs electrics on inboard and winterizes outboard motors. Can be used as an ‘easy-start’ spray, even on 2 strokes. Provides a good running lubricant on winder ratchets, anchor chain reels, steering cables and all hinges etc.

Contact us for more details on costs and shipping, this amazing product is not as dear as you think.

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