Mustang Maniac Show Time

We have had a seriously busy week with lots of things going on, we hope you have set aside a few minutes to go through everything we have here for you. We will start with things closer to home and how they are progressing.

Customers Cars: 

The French Convertible

As you probably are aware by now, over the past few weeks we are serious against the clock on this one, the car needs to be out in France for a time trial rally. The car has had engine tuned and timed up, the exhaust needed some adjustments and we are now road testing her getting a few miles to settle her down. The exhaust note is very crisp and responsive and sounds good on full throttle.

We need to make sure everything is done up and settled in, re-using some of the original parts on newer parts can have their own teething problems, but we are ironing those out pretty quickly as we get to them. So Adam being the boss, took her out for the first tentative steps on the road, the geo was re-checked after a few miles on country lanes and little faster roads. Things going to plan and the new white rag top will be going on tomorrow. We hope to have more picks of that being fitted for you soon. Once the roof is on we will again give her a few more miles and see how she feels then.


Rebuilt Engine

We often get cars in to us for an engine rebuild because they either want to keep the matching numbers on they just need more power etc. So we have decided to let you into a little secret of the behind the scenes pics of our engine re-builders doing what they do best.

Here we check tolerances, replace the old springs and valves.

Pistons along with their rings were replaced and cylinders honed.

Crank, cams and oil pump going back in and sump fitted.

With all the lower end built, the top end of the engine block is assembled, heads, intake, distributor rocker covers etc. A splash of paint and it’s ready to go.

Then it arrives back to us to have it fitted back into the car.

’70 Fastback Restoration

We are now at the stage where the inside colour can go back onto the car. The panels were first etched;

Primers were then sprayed and allowed to cure;

Once the primers were dried then the layers of colour were applied on the inside where the spray gun for the outside paint work wouldn’t normally go, such is our attention to detail.

Car Show time

OK, this is probably the exciting bit now moving away from the cars we are working on back at the workshops. As this is a bank holiday weekend for a change the sun was on Sunday where Duxford Imperial War Museum were holding a “Spring Car Show 2016.” This is a huge event and is not to far away from our workshops so we decided that if the weather was good. The organisation was that the fields were sectioned out for make of cars where they could etc, Mustangs, Lotus, BMW, Mercedes, American private entrants, Japanese cars, Fords, Chryslers etc etc. Well you get the idea anyway. So we will start with the Mustangs of course that was well catered for, everything from Saleen to Shelby and everything in between was there.

We were going to have a pretty good Mustang Maniac turn out, Adam with his KR, Yogi with his ’69, Paul with his rare import ’66 Coupe, Spence with his ’69 convertible and his good lady with another, and Mart with his Acapulco ’66 Coupe all turning up with their cars.

After arriving we decided to go for a brew and something to eat, this just happened to be by the entrance where the cars were being directed to their allocated areas. We hate to think how many cars were there, but we suspect it was in the thousands.

Adam was talking to a few customers on Sunday who caught up with him at the show, in between conversations he was responding to emails. It was a good day and enjoyed by all, the weather was great for once and not a hint of rain. Next Mustang Maniac event – sorry car show, could well be the Enfield Pageant.

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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  1. camerapacker says:

    Great images and almost an instruction manual on aspects of restoration and preparation.

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