Route 66 – part 11

Our second day in Flagstaff Arizona means I got to grips with some real horse power. When it was suggested I could have a day of doing nothing but getting to grips with my pony rides, I thought it was going to be a great day. The day was slightly different to what I had in mind though. A short trip took us to a ranch where we would be spending the day.


I was going to be a Cowboy for the day, what a great way to back to nature is this glorious country side. First I was in Jesse James’ hide out now I am following in his mode of transport.

I was shown to my horse for the day and we got acquainted, not quite the Mustang I had in mind though! Me and my ride had the preliminary discussion along the lines of “I am in charge and it would be good if you did what I say.” Setting of for the trek my trusty stead had other ideas to start with and completely ignored our discussion. But things quickly settled down and we had a great day out in peaceful countryside looking at the fabulous surroundings. We even stopped to enjoy a Cowboy lunch too. There aren’t  to many pics as I was trying to keep me and the horse on the right track, however I did try a selfie but it didn’t come out to well. 🙂



The horses were fantastic as was the country side and all the other fellow cowboys/cowgirls we joined for the day. Great fun. I am not sure what is more scary – a single horse power or 500bhp snarling under your right foot. I do know that I have had great days with both. Tomorrow we are back on the road again of to our next adventure.

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2 Responses to Route 66 – part 11

  1. It’s so great following your US trip and knowing how much you are enjoying seeing and experiencing a slice of the U.S. landscape, history and culture.


  2. Thanks Steve, we love the USA and enjoying Route 66 more than we ever hoped to.


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