Our Stock Locations

Restocked and ready to go!

Stores Location 1

Update 26/10/2013

Due to our massive influx of parts and new lines of stock we have had to change a few things to make our stores work efficiently again – The inside work area in one of our stock room has been moved to another stock area downstairs. We have spent a lot of time making things more to hand and our new file system is helping out as well.

(Ok so some bits are a little messy – but it’s organised chaos and I know exactly where all the bits are!)

Stores Location 2

re-org 1

re-org 2

A little seen essentials stock area 2

(you can even buy our broom if you ask!)

Update 26/10/2013

Our new location Bin Program has come on line and we now hold even more stock. We have single nut and bolts, or packs of bolts, single connections for pipes and a complete set. If we haven’t got it – you don’t need it.

Stores Location 3

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