Who says you can’t teach an old Pony new tricks!

We have now had our deliveries of our steering racks. The early Mustangs have a reputation of being a little vague on the steering. This is a little frustrating as some MOT service stations will fail for the “play in the steering”. This is due to the old cars having power assisted steering, the movement of the steering wheel will actuate a valve that then forces the steering to move. This will take a few degrees to activate hence the “play”. The old steering is prone to leaks due to the connections flow and return of the pipes and couplings. We have a revised pump that cures some of the problems back in stock.

We also have an awesome Rack & Pinion steering set up for the early Ponies. This will give todays responsiveness and accurate feedback to the driver. It’s not cheap starting at around £2000 but it does away with a lot of mess, weight and guessing what the car is doing. We can retro fit these or supply. These look as good as they work as well, a quality product.

Rack n pinion conversion kit

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