Our Bespoke Lighting

These lights were built for us to our designs

It’s a know fact that the early Mustangs had poor lights. Not only the headlights but the rear lights as well. To indicate the brakes light flash, but in today’s world this is not ideal. Understandably owners of the cars will not ruin the look by adding extra amber lights. At Mustang Maniac we thought about this and we specified what we wanted. After a few attempts to get it right we have finally hit the sweet spot. We have the standard rear driving lights, we have hight intensity brake lights and to top that we have amber indicators. This was made possible by the LED boards we have in stock.

These are now so popular we can’t keep up with the demand. The manufacturers make a few a week for us and they are sold pretty much before we get them. Again we fit these to the restorations. They are not concourse naturally,but if you are after safety and the stock look then this is your prayers answered. We are letting the competitors have a little look here too. There will be a video of these in action coming VERY soon, once you see them – you will want them. These will start at around £150 a Pair + VAT, so please call for the final costs for your pony.

Bespoke LED brake lights

Bespoke LED brake lights

Fronts lights are the same, there are the indicator lights at the front. We have now some bulbs that will give you the extra front white side lights AND the flashing amber indicators as well. They are not cheap each around £20, but they are straight replacements. Again there will be a video of these working VERY soon. These retail at £20+VAT

Update 21/4/2014

These wing mirrors were made to our specifications in amber instead of red.


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